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Were you the strangers that helped when my dog Zola had a heart attack whilst on a walk in Formby

Dear Formby Bubble:

This is a message of thanks to a couple of kind strangers.


On Friday 12th May at about 5:30pm I was 5 minutes into a run with Zola, my 2 year old Working Cocker Spaniel. Near Wicks Lake, she had a heart attack or something. I was carrying her home, saw she was getting worse and put her down on the floor.


A fellow dog-walker heard my distress and immediately came to help. She phoned her husband who brought his truck to St Lukes Church Road as she and I headed to meet him; he came into the woods a bit, took Zola off me and we ran to his truck. He drove me to the vet on Brows Lane who were waiting, as he'd called ahead.


Sadly Zola died.


But those two people were so kind and helped a stranger (who really needed it); he even dropped me home afterwards.


If you know who this couple were, please direct them to this post. I really haven't been able to thank them properly and would very much like to do so. If it's you, please drop me a line.


The couple have two dogs, at least one is a Cocker, they have a black truck (you know 4 seats and a flatbed) part of the registration is YY05 (I think).


Zola was my first dog (although I grew up with loads of them) - I'm 58. She lived for her walks (more than food) and loved every moment; if I ran 10km she probably ran 30 or more. Although she knew how to chill, she lived with vim, vigour, vitality and zest and the last thing she (looked like) she was saying on the path that day was "come on then, let's go". 


Be more Zola.


Rich Wilson

07747 752188



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