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Are you in

The Formby Bubble?

Formby is a beautiful coastal town in Merseyside.

We have long sandy beaches with dramatic, sweeping sand dunes, paths and trails leading to the beach, amazing Pine Woods full of our famous Formby Red Squirrels with great family picnic areas.

We have an amazing village with a warming community atmosphere, lovely coffee shops and cafes. We boast four fantastic childrens swing parks with adventure boats and also along with tennis courts and gardens.

Many events throughout the year for the whole family.

Formby is a popular tourist destination during the summer months especially, attracting people in their droves to the beach and sand dunes hoping to get a glimpse of a red squirrel or the very rare Natterjack Toad.

Formby now has a population of 25,000 and has lots of hustle and bustle and yet, it still feels like a village.....

Red squirrels, natterjacks, prehistoric footprints and miles of coastal walks are just waiting to be discovered - part of Formby's amazing and ever changing landscape. 
Enjoy breathtaking sea views or a picnic; head out on a bracing coastal walk or find out about Formby's fascinating coastal history with links to asparagus growing and the early days of aviation.
Whether you want to walk, run or ride there's something for everyone at Formby, the perfect place to get outdoors and active.

Formby  -  Amazing, Beautiful Place


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