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Schools in Formby

Formby has two high schools, Formby High School and Range High School, both schools are high performers with a national average of 45.8% of pupils gaining five or more A*-C at GCSE,  The Liverpool Echo rated the two schools as the best state schools in Sefton,  There are also 7 primary schools.
Range High School
Stapleton Road, Formby, L37 2YN
Tel: 01704 879 315

Range High caters for roughly around 1,300 students aged 11yrs to 18yrs. The current Headmaster is Mr Graham Aldridge. Named one of Englands top 100 non selective comprehensive schools.


School Prospectus 2015-16

Formby High School
Freshfield Road, Formby, L37 3HW
Tel: 01704 873 100

Formby High is an English Secondary School with Academy status, catering for roughly around 1,000 students aged 11yrs to 18yrs. The current Headmaster is Mr D A Mackenzie.

School Prospectus 2015-16


Woodlands Road, L37 2JN

Tel: 01704 876 444

Woodlands is a beautiful school, housing 300 pupils. It is a C of E school.

The Headmaster is Mr Simon Grilli.


St. Luke's 

Jubilee Road, L37 2HW

Tel: 01704 872 692

St Lukes is a Church of England primary school. The Head Teacher is Mrs Sharon Cowey.



Watchyard Lane, L37 3JT

Tel: 01704 876 567

Freshfield Primary is is a lovely primary school  The Headmaster is Mr Vin Osbaldeston.


Trinity St.Peters 

Paradise Lane, L37 7EJ

Tel: 01704 876 391

St.Peters is a voluntary aided C of E primary School. The Head Teacher is Deborah Pringle.


Junior Schools

St Jeromes

Greenloons Drive, L37 2LX 

Tel: 01704 831 724

St Jeromes is a Roman Catholic school which

also has a pre-school.

The Head Teacher is Mrs K Monaghan.



Redgate Road, L37 4EW

Tel: 01704 385 960

Redgate is a community school housing 160 pupils. The Head Teacher is Mrs Suzanne D'Alton.


Our Lady of Compassion

Bullcop, L37 8BZ

Tel: 01704 877 281

Our Lady of Compassion is a Catholic Primary School. The Head Teacher is Mrs M M Lynn.


Clarence High School

West Lane, L37 7AZ

Tel: 01704 872 151

Clarence High is a therapeutic setting for girls and boys aged 10yrs to 18yrs with Social, Emotional and Behaviourial difficulties and also who may experience associated difficulties on the autistic spectrum.

The Principal is Paul Boulton


Other Schools in the area

The Pinfield and Oakfield Referral Unit

Gores Lane, L37 3NY

Tel: 01704 395 945

This is a pupil referral unit for mixed gender pupils aged 8yrs to 14yrs. Number of students is 15.

Head Teacher is Mr Zyg Kulbacki


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