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Formby's Artistic Alleyways are Transforming Tradition into Vibrant Spaces!

Just a stone's throw away from the bustling Formby Heritage Centre lies Artistic Alley, a beacon of transformation in the heart of the village. Say goodbye to dull, dark passageways, as Imagine Formby and the Formby Heritage Centre embark on a groundbreaking initiative to revitalise these once-neglected spaces into vibrant hubs of creativity and community.

Gone are the days of 'dangerous' alleys; in their place, envision lush living walls, captivating street art, and innovative lighting schemes. Collaborating with local schools and the Formby Civic Society, Imagine Formby Arts, Culture, and Heritage Group are set to weave a tapestry of history and innovation throughout the alleyways.

This summer, prepare to be dazzled as eight alleyways undergo a remarkable metamorphosis:

- Two alleyways adorned with verdant living walls and enhanced lighting

- Two alleyways boasting original wall artworks

- Four alleyways illuminated by captivating feature lighting

- Two alleyways preserving and highlighting historic features

But this project isn't just about aesthetics; it's about community empowerment. With the involvement of local volunteers, community groups, and professional businesses, the transformation goes beyond mere physical changes. It's about fostering pride in our heritage and creating spaces that resonate with both locals and visitors alike.

The 8 Alleyways Project marks just the beginning of a series of initiatives aimed at preserving Formby's charm while uplifting local businesses and enhancing the environment. As we eagerly anticipate the unveiling of these artistic gems, let's celebrate the visionaries behind this endeavor and look forward to a brighter, safer, and more inspiring Formby for all.


In March 2021, Formby Bubble did a story about the 8-Alleyways project by 'Imagine Formby'.

It's great to see this now coming to fruition....

If you take a stroll down Chapel Lane and peek through the entries that connect with Sumner Road car park and those opposite, you can't help but notice what an appalling state most of them are in! Dark, dirty, uneven / broken groundwork, weeds and graffiti in some, too!

Here are the alleyways...

Pat Wordley from Imagine Formby said: “The alleyways can be unsafe of a night-time, as most are unlit. Only this evening, I had to coax down a group of youngsters who thought it would be fun to climb on the flat roof of Gifts Inhouse.”

“There are some wonderful examples of where communities have come together to transform spaces like these into exciting, artistic, green, well-lit spaces, that people actually want to see and feel safe in.”

“We have lots of ideas of what we could do, for example, street art, planting, light shows, archway entrances, naming them too, perhaps, and we have put together a bid for funding to get started on a program of change.”

“Even small changes such as weeding, painting fence panels, cleaning up, etc will make a positive difference.”

“Some of the alleyway walls have lovely, intricate brickwork which we want to preserve and feature, too! We will work with schools and youth groups as well as our learned friends in the Civic Society and anyone who wants to join in!”

“We invite all suggestions and offers of help. Who knows, maybe if some of Formby's younger citizens got excited about projects like this one, they might be less inclined to risk life and limb clambering onto unsafe buildings in dark alleyways, and get involved.”

Again, for more info on this project, we can be contacted via our FB page



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