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Disgusting anti social behaviour in Formby

Dear Formby Bubble:

I don’t like posting negative comments but I think this needs to be shared. For the past couple of weeks large groups of youths have been gathering around McDonalds and Tesco causing mischief, using inappropriate and offensive language to workers and customers. Last week a manager was victim to homophobic abuse whilst asking the large group of teenagers to leave the store after they were running around throwing products off the shelves and being disruptive, three males of the group also exposed themselves whilst chanting homophobic slurs in a bid to intimidate. Another colleague today was subject to disgraceful language and threats of violence. The kids have no respect for the people in and around the area and its making people very uncomfortable being in store. Ask yourself this, do you know where your children are right now and what they are up to? And how would you feel if you had a child, brother or sister that had a same sex, sexual orientation and was verbally abused about it whilst just doing their job? The answer to that question is easy, you’d feel upset and very angry! Its 2021, the world has changed, wake up and educate your children and friends that this is unacceptable. I should also remind you that we are in a global pandemic. Why are you allowing your children to gather in groups up to 20 and 30? A supermarket or fast food restaurant car park isn’t the place to gather with your mates of a weekend, go to the park, go to an area where you can use that type of language and behaviour (if you feel it’s that necessary) away from innocent members of the public who just want to get on with their day. This behaviour is embarrassing, idiotic and shameful.



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