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Formby Parish Cllr condemns Sefton Council and says its an act of ecological vandalism

The Formby Village trees were on the agenda at the Formby Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 2nd October. Formby Parish Councillor, Derek Baxter released a statement which said: “Despite Formby Parish Council addressing every single issue highlighted by the Chief Executive Margaret Carney, Sefton Council still push ahead in their attempt to remove two horse chestnut trees in Formby village.” “At the start of this latest tussle with Sefton to retain the trees nearly a month ago, Ms Carney said in a meeting with Cllr Bob McCann that for her this issue was primarily one of public safety. However in light of three tree reports, the original winter survey, the May survey (in full leaf) and the ‘in tree’ survey conducted a week ago confirming that the two horse chestnut trees pose no risk to the general public and can be restored to health with a program of works, Sefton Council are still intent on felling. Even at this late stage residents and Parish Councillors hope that Margaret Carney will honour her words and allow trained arborists, who remain booked an ready to do remedial pruning works on the trees to carry out the recommendations of Bruce Hatton for the Parish Council. In communications with Mr Hatton he has expressed incredulity at the position of Sefton Council and has conveyed that none of the other Councils that he has worked for have ever raised the issues or obstacles currently encountered.” “I think the crux of this issue is that in order for matters to progress in the way residents and the Formby Parish Council would wish, Sefton Council Officers would have to concede that they may have been too hasty in condemning the veteran trees in Formby Village. That the trees are in fact considerably stronger than they have suggested to our Chief Executive, that they are not dying and their decline can be reversed. In a nutshell they would have to concede they were wrong. Furthermore allowing the trees to be cared for and restored to health can only underline the extent of their error. Having addressed every other practical concern it is the inability of Sefton Council to accept a more qualified view that may ultimately seal the fate of the village trees. Sadly the same prejudice if allowed to succeed this time around will have already sealed the fate of other mature trees in our village.” “Formby Parish Council have always said that they would abide by the recommendations of the independent reports. The independent report is unequivocal, three surveys and two separate Arboriculuralists have found that the trees can and should be saved. To remove them in the face of this is just an act of ecological vandalism.”

People gather to sign the petition and listen to the music

The Uke3 Ukelele group with their rendition of 'we shall not be moved'

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