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Range Students Visit MCM Liverpool Comic Con 2017

Range Students Visit MCM Liverpool Comic Con 2017

After going to the Comic Con last year, I couldn’t wait to go again. Without even knowing that the trip would happen, I began saving up money and hunting for costumes online that I could wear the next chance I had to go. And before I knew it, the time had come again. I pestered my friend into going with me and hoped that they wouldn’t be too bothered by my extravagant cape.

On the Saturday morning, I prepared my costume and gathered my money and then we set off in the coach. When we arrived, it didn’t take long at all to get in and we were then set loose in the huge centre and told to regroup before we left. There was so much to see and buy and, to my delight, cosplayers everywhere.

My friend and I decided to look at all the stalls in an orderly fashion, pinpointing places where we wanted to buy something and then buying what we wanted afterwards. Since we had a few hours to kill and there was so much to look at, this seemed like a good idea. However, I in particular didn’t really stick to this rule and began spending my money everywhere; I just couldn’t resist. By the time we had been round the whole place, we only had less than an hour left, so we commenced with our mad dash to buy as much as we could with the money we had left.

I wound up with several posters, keyrings, trinkets, figures and a script from one of my favourite shows signed by the cast. My money was quickly finished off by the purchase of two delicious brownies which were eaten as we had our well-earned sit down. Looking down on the centre from one of the balconies was amazing too. All the people there were so friendly and excited and I don’t think that anyone had a bad time.

When I got home, I bragged to my family about all of my new things before collapsing on my bed. The tiredness only hit me when I got home because the excitement of the day caused me to just forget. I had a really great day!

Eden Birch

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