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Angling Tactics

The carp is one of the most adaptable fish in the country. Its introduction to England started as early as the mid 1300’s when carp were imported from the mainland Europe. Today carp flourish in almost every river and lake in the country, from small village ponds to the largest most powerful rivers. Introduced initially by monks as a food source, carp became established and were stocked into estate lakes and fisheries and once available quickly became a target for anglers.

There are many different species of carp that can be landed in the UK my personal favourite is the common carp, hard fighting fish that never gives up also feeds in shoals so when feeding fish after fish can be landed with the right tactics. There are many different rigs and tactics to catch carp, my favourite is the good old float method it’s been the preferred method of anglers for hundreds of years and still to this day is very popular. When I’m carp fishing I like to travel light A tackle box, Rod, Landing net and an unhooking mat is pretty much all I need. My setup is pretty simple 8LB line, small float, an arm’s-length down from the float a size 12 barbless hook. The bait I always go for that never seems to fail me is good old spam for some strange reason carp find it irresistible. I have literally landed hundreds of fish on yes what your grandma would try and force feed you as a child. Fish close to the reeds and feed in 5 or 6 bits of spam every 10 minutes around your float, when the fish come on the feed keep an eye on that float and get ready for brilliant battles.

Local Lakes

Rosemary Wood

Mescar Fisheries

Lathom Fisheries

Bannister Farm

Drumsdale Fisheries

By Jeff Cavanagh

It would be great to see some pictures from other anglers so why not send in yours and a lucky someone will be picked out to be in the next issue of the Formby Bubble Newspaper.

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