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Memoirs 002

Memoirs of formby.....

Frogs Spawn

Kelly breeze -Aged 46yrs - 


We were on a day out with my mum and dad and my big brother and sister. We used to go down Lifeboat Road before it was all blocked off. There was a large grassed area on the left and we used to literally stay there all day and play rounders and tick whilst mum made hot dogs in the back of the Morris Traveller. My dad took us for a walk into the woods nearby and we came across a small pond that was full of frogs spawn and cos we had a pond back at home we wanted to take some home with us so we went back to me mum at the car and got the pan that she'd cooked the hot dogs in and filled it up with frogs spawn to take home. Ever since then we have always had loads of frogs in mum and dads garden.

Memoirs 002

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