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Welcome to our Local Stories pages of the BubbleBook. We want to hear all your stories about the Formby area....Ghost Stories, Crime Stories, Funny Stories, Emotional Stories, whether they are fact or fiction, we want to know about them. Stories will be published right here in the Formby BubbleBook and will remain here forever for anyone to read. A fantastic opportunity for any writers of fact or fiction to put pen to paper and become a part of your local history. Theres only one rule....The story must be based in Formby or be about Formby or be written by someone in Formby.

Its easy to submit a story, just email it to us at: along with your name, address and telephone number. By submitting your story to Formby Bubble you are giving us the rights to publish it on our website.

We will try our best to get it published as soon as we can.

Stories Home

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