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Memoirs of formby.....

Jelly Fish

John King -Aged 63yrs - 


It was about 1960 and i was only a wee lad about nine or ten years old. It was a very rare occasion that we went to the beach with dad always at work on the docks all hours but this particular day my Grandma Mary was looking after me and had packed a picnic of Conny Onny Butties and off we went down to the beach at Formby. 

When we got there the tide was out but had left an array of Jelly Fish washed up on the sand. There were hundreds of them just laying there, see through, wet and shiny but all the same facinating to see as a young lad. Me Grandma said """Don't go near em, they'll sting ya, they will". Needless to say we had to back off a bit towards the sandhills to eat our butties that day and just look from afar. 

I've loved Formby Beach ever since.

Memoirs 001

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