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Memoirs 003

Memoirs of formby.....

motorbike sidecar

Cynthia wright -Aged 72yrs - 


My dad and I wern't very close, we used to argue like cat and dog to be honest but when my dad (whos name was Jack) said he was going out on his motorbike to Formby Beach, he was suddenly the best dad in the world! I used to sit in the side car next to the bike and when i think back now, how scary it actually was but, I absolutely loved it and when we got to Formby it was amazing, so much open space, not many houses back then. we used to go over Formby Bridge and it was just fields and we always had a great day. I love Formby, you think of Formby and you think of fun, fun, fun. Good old days.

Memoirs 003

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