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What You Need:

o            4 or more players

o            A rag, cloth or handkerchief


1.          Choose someone to be the “hider.”

2.          Have the other players go into a separate room from the hider.

3.          The “hider” than takes the cloth (or whatever you choose to use) and hides it somewhere with a little corner of it sticking out, so people can see it.

4.          The players are then called back into the room to look around for the cloth, without touching anything.

5.          Once a player sees the hidden cloth, he yells “Rumpelstiltskin!” That player should not let anyone know where it was found.

6.          The game continues while the other players look for the cloth. Each player who finds the cloth should also yell “Rumpelstiltskin!”

7.          Once everyone has found it, the person who found it first becomes the “hider”.

Duck Duck Goose

What You Need:

o            At least 4 players




1.          All the players gather in a large circle, sitting with their legs crossed.

2.          One of the players is chosen to be the “Goose”.

3.          The goose walks around the circle and taps each player lightly on the head and says “duck” with each tap.

4.          The goose eventually says “goose” instead of duck, and the person to be picked “goose” stands up to run.

5.          The goal is for the players to race and try to sit in the now empty space in the circle.

6.          When the players sits in the space, the person left standing is now the new goose.

Treasure Hunt

What You Need:

o            A Piece of paper

o            A Pen or Pencil

o            An object

o            2 players


1.          An object is chosen to be hidden. Try to make sure the object is not so small that it can’t be found.

2.          The person who is hiding the object draws a map of their home, or the area they are playing in.

3.          He marks an “x” on the spot where the “treaure” is hidden.

4.          The other player must search to find the hidden treasure. When it is found, switch positions.

Rainbow Room

What You Need:

o            A room filled with colorful objects

o            At least 6 friends


1.          Everyone stands in a circle, except for one person that is chosen to stand in the middle.

2.          The person in the middle gets to shout the name of a color.

3.          Everyone in the circle must then run and as fast as they can, try and locate something that is the color called.

4.          The first person to have the correct colored object wins and now stands in the middle to start the game again.

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