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 We would love to hear about your crafts, if we like them we might put them on this page with your name on it.

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Welcome to Art/Crafts

Hankie Ghosts


What You Need:

o            Sock

o            White handkerchief

o            Yarn

o            Safety pin


1.          Ball up a sock, and drape the handkerchief over it.

2.          Tie a piece of yarn around the handkerchief just under the sock to create the appearance of a head and body.

3.          Pin a safety pin at the top of the “head”.

4.          Use the safety pin to hang your ghost outside for Halloween.



This Halloween decoration is easily taken apart and washed so you can use your socks and handkerchiefs again. So, make as many as you need to decorate your yard or front porch.


Tissue Ghost

What You Need:

o            Tissues

o            Marker

o            String


1.          Take two tissues out of the box.

2.          Ball one of the tissues up and place it in the middle of the other tissue. Twist it. The balled up tissue will now be the head.

3.          Tie string below the head and let the bottom flow.

4.          Draw a face on the ghost with the marker.

5.          Hang your ghost(s)around your house for decoration.


6.          You have made a halloween ghost!


Ghost Pencil

What You Need:

o            Pencil

o            Glue

o            Cotton Balls

o            Tissue

o            Thin String

o            Markers (colorful)


1.          Put a little dab of glue on the eraser part of the pencil.

2.          Put 1 to 2 cotton balls on the glue.

3.          Take a tissue, and put it on top of the cotton balls.

4.          Take a 2 inch piece of string and tightly tie the tissue to the pencil.

5.          Once done you may take markers and draw faces,words or lines over the tissue.


6.          This little fella is ready to write!


Heart-y Magnets

What You Need:

o            Modeling clay

o            Glue

o            Magnets


1.          Use modeling clay to make the design you want.

2.          For a heart, roll a ball of clay, flatten it to the width you want, and shape it into a heart. Smooth out any rough spots and add a face if desired.

3.          For a flower, roll small balls of clay for the petals and a smaller ball for the center. Press these pieces together. Press “dimples” into each petal. Roll a “snake” out of clay for the stem, and attach it to the flower.

4.          Follow the directions for the type of clay you are using to harden the clay. Some require baking time.

5.          Once your clay is hardened, glue a magnet to the back and stick it on your refrigerator.


Piggy Bank


What You Need:

o            Empty plastic peanut butter jar

o            Craft knife

o            Construction paper

o            Paint brushes

o            Pipe cleaners

o            Felt


1.          Decide if you are going to have the bank stand tall or on its side. Cut a slit in the jar big enough for coins to fit through. If the bank is going to be tall, cut the hole in the lid. If the bank is going to be on its side, cut the hole on the side that

2.          Cut out shapes of construction paper to decorate your bank. You can also use paint, pipe cleaners, and felt. Make it into an animal or design it with cool patterns. Wherever your imagination takes you!

3.          Once you have finished decorating your bank, put some coins inside to save for later. When you need some change, open the lid to easily get what you want!


Halloween Arts and Crafts

Hankie Ghost
Tissue Ghost
Ghost Pencil
Heart Magnets
Piggy Bank

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