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Magic Envelope Trick


The magician asks for a volunteer to write down four numbers on a piece of paper.

The magician asks the volunteer to TOTAL up the numbers.

The magician opens a sealed envelope and it has the same number as the TOTAL!

(or have the magic puppet pull out an envelope and hand it to the magician.  Have the puppet "whisper" to the magician to open up the envelope.)


  • piece of paper

  • a pen

  • an envelope


Before the show, write down a four figure number that is 2 times the current year's date.  For example, in the year 2000, the number would=4000.  In the year 2001, the number would=4002

Seal the paper in the envelope.

At the show, ask a helper to write down the year he was born.

Ask him to write down the year of an important event in his life (for example, the year he started school or the year he lost his first tooth)

Ask him to write down his age 
(How many years old will you be at the end of the current year?)

Ask him to write down the number of years that have passed since the important event
(What anniversary will you celebrate in the current year?)

(these numbers HAVE to be right *grin*...  If it's been 4 years since the event and he writes down 3, the trick won't work)

The years have to be whole numbers (he can't say he's 6 and a half years has to be 7.)

Have the assistant TOTAL the 4 numbers.

Open the envelope.  The TOTAL will be the same as the number you already wrote down!


For example:

The year is 2011.  (Times two is 4022 which is the number written on the paper in the envelope.)

Kaitlyn was born in 1997
She will turn 14 this year.
Kaitlyn started school in 2002.
In 2011 she will celebrate her 9th anniversary since she started school.

1997 + 14 + 2002 + 9=4022 the same as the number in the envelope.



Magic Squares

What You Need:


  • Paper

  • Pencil or pen

  • Your brain


  • Draw 2 lines going horizontal and 2 lines going vertical to make what looks like a tic tac toe board.

  • Then, use your brain to remember your addition facts.

  • Fill in each square with numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,or 9. You can only use each number once.

  • Then add each column, row, and diagonal and they should each equal 15.

  • If they equal something else, keep trying.

  • When you get it right, reward yourself with something.

  • Tell your parents about the magic squares and challenge them.

Magic Squares

Eleven Fingers




Tell your friends that you have eleven fingers, and you can prove it!

1.          Using your left forefinger, point to each finger of your right hand, counting “One, two, three, four, five”.

2.          With your right forefinger, count the fingers on your left hand, “Six, seven, eight, nine, ten”.

3.          Say “Funny, I’m sure I had eleven. Let me count them again.”

4.          This time, count backwards, pointing to the fingers of your left hand, say “Ten, nine, eight, seven, six…”. Then stop, hold up the right hand and say “Plus five equals eleven! I told you I had eleven fingers.”


Eleven Fingers

The Appearing Coin


What You Need:

o            Matchbox

o            Coin


1.          Before doing this trick, make sure you have an empty matchbox opened halfway. Wedge a coin between the end of the drawer and the cover. (Do this in the back of the matchbox where your friend cannot see)

2.          Hold onto the matchbox tightly, so the coin doesn’t slip back into the box, and show your friend the matchbox is “empty”.

3.          Now close the matchbox, and the coin will slip in.

4.          Open the matchbox back up, and show your friend the coin that “magically appeared” in there.

Pepper Trick


Magician has cup with pepper and water.

Volunteer puts fingers in water trying to separate the pepper - nothing happens.

Magician puts fingers in water and the pepper separates.


  • Water

  • Soap

  • Pepper

  • Cup

  • (make sure there is a sink nearby so volunteer can wash hand)


Put water in a cup then regular pepper.

Before show, rub soap on your fingers -- don't let anyone see you do this.  (The soap will separate the pepper)




Magic Bottle Trick



The magician asks for a volunteer from the audience who looks inside a bottle to make sure it's a normal, empty container.

The volunteer returns the bottle and then examines a magic wand to ensure it is normal.

The magician drops the wand into the bottle (noting how easily it falls in).

He/she turns bottle over and lets go of the wand.

The wand magically remains suspended in the bottle.


  • a magic wand (could use a pencil instead) that is taller than the bottle (when you drop the wand into the bottle, part of it should still be sticking up through the opening.

  • a bottle that has an opening large enough to fit the wand in (but not too big).  The bottle cannot be see-through 

  • an eraser

If you don't have a bottle that is dark, you can put some dark paint inside the bottle and shake it around so the inside is painted.

Cut a piece off the eraser, just large enough to wedge the wand into the opening of the bottle.  The eraser is what makes the trick work!


Pass the bottle to the volunteer and ask them to make sure its empty.

Take back the bottle and give your friend the wand.  Meanwhile, slip the piece of eraser into the bottle without anyone seeing (you can have it in your pocket until this point).   You'll need to practice this a few times.

Take the wand back and drop it into the bottle.

Pick up the wand and bottle and turn them VERY SLOWLY upside down (mumble all sorts of enchantments while you're doing this).  Pull on the wand slightly when the bottle is turning over so the piece of eraser gets wedged into the opening (you'll need to practice this a few times too).

Let go of the wand...  PRESTO!  It doesn't fall out.

Slowly turn upright again.  Let go of everything and PRESTO the wand remains suspended in the bottle (it doesn't fall back down).

To remove the wand, push it slightly to release the rubber and then take it out.





Coin Trick


The magician shows a glass, upside down, and a coin on a sheet of colored paper.

He puts a handkerchief over the glass and moves it over.

He pulls the handkerchief off and Abracadabra! the coin has disappeared.



  • A sheet of construction paper (1), 

  • a clear glass, 

  • a handkerchief,

  • a coin.



Trace the glass onto the sheet of paper and cut the circle out.  Then tape it to the glass so when you put it onto a piece of paper the same color it blends in.



When you do the above put the glass onto a piece of paper and just basically move the paper covered glass over the coin while the whole thing is under the handkerchief so the glass covers the coin.  Pull off the handkerchief.  The coin will have "disappeared".

Appearing Coin
Pepper Trick
Magic Bottle Trick
Coin Trick
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