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Travellers Relocate Again in Formby on Cambridge Field

Travellers have once again relocated within Formby, causing significant concern among local residents and authorities. The group has set up at Cambridge fields at the end of Stapleton Road and Cambridge Road. Reports indicate that the travellers gained access by cutting down posts with a chainsaw, prompting immediate notification to the police, who are now actively monitoring the situation.

This latest move follows a pattern of relocations over the past three weeks. The travellers initially arrived in Formby, settling first at Bills Lane. They then moved to Duke Street Park before making their way to Watchyard Lane fields. Each site has subsequently required extensive clean-up efforts by Sefton Council, with the council having to address the considerable waste and disruption left behind.

The travellers vacated Watchyard Lane fields last night, shortly after 6:30 pm, only to set up at their new location hours later. This rapid relocation has exacerbated tensions within the community, as residents express frustration over the ongoing disruptions and the impact on local amenities and green spaces.

A spokesperson for Sefton Council commented on the recurring issue: "Sefton Council provides a permanent site for Gypsies and Travellers at Red Rose Park, Broad Lane, Formby. However, we do not provide a transit site for those seeking a short stay, leading to unauthorised encampments. We have an Unauthorised Encampment Policy to manage these situations in a manner that addresses both the support needs of the Gypsies and Travellers and the rights of the settled community."

The council, as the landowner, must adhere to legal procedures to evict the travellers. If the group does not comply with a Section 77 Notice to vacate the premises, the council must then obtain a court order for their removal. This legal process is designed to ensure that the rights of all parties involved are respected and upheld.

As the situation develops, residents and local businesses are advised to stay informed through official channels. Further updates will be provided as more information becomes available.



David Adams
David Adams
Jun 28

The residents are sick to death of this situation. The way they can come and go at liberty onto our green spaces, break fences, cut down valuable trees, slaughter wildlife, threaten and intimidate the settled community DOES NOT in any way protect the rights of the settled community.

Jul 01
Replying to

What wildlife has been slaughtered and what proof do you have please?

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