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Young boy maliciously assaulted on Formby beach

Merseyside Police are appealing for information after a teenage boy was assaulted on Formby beach on Tuesday 23 July 2019. It was reported shortly after 4.10pm that a group of around 10 male youths had assaulted another group which included the 16-year-old victim, and some of the offenders allegedly used sticks or bats during the incident. The boy sustained cuts to the head and has subsequently made a formal complaint of assault. The offenders, who were reported to have dispersed into the sand dunes before the attendance of police, are described as white males, around 13-15 years old and with long hair. They spoke with Liverpool accents. One wore a red top and a second wore a hi-vis Under Armour top. Officers made enquiries to locate the offenders at the scene and spoke to potential witnesses. A group of males were spoken to who did not match the description of the offenders. The victim subsequently attended hospital for assessment and was later discharged. Detective Inspector Paul Gillies said: “This was a shocking incident and we believe someone out there knows who is responsible. This happened on one of the hottest days of the year and there were many people there enjoying the sunshine. Those people should have been able to enjoy their day at the beach without fear of an incident such as this happening." “We believe members of the public will have seen this group leaving the scene and there may well be people who witnessed the offence itself who have not yet come forward." “If you recognise the description of the offenders or have any information at all about the incident, do the right thing and help us bring the offenders to justice by contacting police.”

Mum of the 16 year old, Claire Husband, put out a statement on social media which said:

"My 16yr old son and a group of his friends mixed (boys and girls) decided to pack bbq’s, footballs, food and go for a fun day at Formby beach. They travelled up all planned out on 2 trains arrived there and set up base for a great day."

"I didn’t expect to receive a devastating phone call informing me my son had been attacked and severely beaten up by around 16 males (unprovoked), with baseball bats, coshes and knuckle duster with spikes who were all ranging from the age of 14- 18. I have just returned from Liverpool Royal hospital now where my son was rushed to after collapsing on the train home. Luckily his head scans are clear which is a massive relief and will eventually make a full recover (physically anyway). Not only did they brutally beat my son repeatedly over the head, body with all there weapons, fists and kicking him. They also injured one of his female friends because she tried to protect and help him, they kicked her also in her ribs/stomach. She was trying to help and is left so traumatised and in a lot of pain."

"Eventually members of the public did run over and one by one these animals walked away not before kicking my son in the face and body one last time. These boys couldn’t care who seen nor the injuries they had inflicted for no reason at all. The witnesses said they believed they were going to kill him, as even though blood was spraying from his head at this point they continued kick and beat him over the head with there bats and coshes. They were frenzied and didn’t look like they were going to stop just egging each other on. Thank god members of the public did start to run over or this could of been a very different post all together!"

"Now as scary as the above is, what is equally concerning is how LIVERPOOL POLICE when they eventually arrived dealt with this situation! Whilst my son lay covered in blood, black and blue with puncture wounds from the spikes and 5 deep head injury wounds.... refused to help. These thugs stood there with no remorse not afraid of the police. They were pointed out and LIVERPOOL POLICE didn’t go over, speak, take a statement, search, question any of these thugs who all stood smiling proud at the damage and wounds they had inflicted on my son. LIVERPOOL POLICE told my son to just get up and leave the beach and make the what maybe 30 mile train journey home and once he gets home go hospital as his skull may be fractured and that they will just make sure these thugs leave before so they are safe. They then clearly felt it acceptable leaving my son who is a minor, with serious head injuries to be cleaned up and aided by his amazing group of friends. Then they left and completely washed there hands, leaving those 16 animals knowing they can continue to cause harm with no action being taken by the POLICE!"

"The life guards at the beach said this happens regularly on that beach but this assault is by far the worst they have seen as of yet! So my fear is if they continue to be allowed to do this are the police waiting for a knife or gun to be pulled or a beating resulting in a fatality? Then maybe intervene when some innocent person may not be so lucky!"

"My son and his friends made it to the station and who was there waiting but this gang again. The police had not even made our children safe by ensuring this didn’t happen! Absolutely disgusting and shameful. Luckily my son and group of friends hid absolutely petrified until these boys got on the train going to Liverpool central but they knew they were waiting for them to finish off what they had started but they hid until they got bored and left!"

"After LIVERPOOL POLICE leaving my son helpless, he started to drift in and out of consciousness during the train journey to Liverpool central and sadly ended up collapsing. Then again at the station itself once he was taken off the train (which he can’t remember) was then rushed to Liverpool Royal Infirmary."

"The police stated, there is NO EVIDENCE any weapons got used (search them then)! There is no true descriptions to make any arrests (the witnesses repeatedly pointed the boys out to them who were stood there proud... but nothing)! Was told if you go to prosecute it’s will just be a waste of money and nothing will come of it!!!!.... And lastly they took no witness statements just one off my son who wasn’t really in no fit state!!! Even though there was a beach full of witnesses who were all completely shaken and disturbed! He was lucky but it’s frightening to think there next victim may not be."

Anyone with information is asked to contact Merseyside Police social media desk via Twitter @MerPolCC or Facebook Merseyside Police CC. You can also call 101 quoting incident reference 19100401147 or contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously, on 0800 555 111 or via their online form at:

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