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Update and description of animal abuser who was seen beating a puppy at the entrance to Formby Natio

After our post yesterday about the animal abuser who was spotted beating up a puppy in the Victoria Road area of Formby, just near the kiosk to the entry of the National Trust, we have now been informed of more information. If anyone knows who this man is, please use the contact details below to help us locate this puppy.

The assault occurred on Saturday 23rd March at approx 1.40pm. The man was 6ft 2 tall, white, baldy. He was wearing a North Face blue jacket, blue jeans and was in his late 40's.

The dog was a black Labrador (type, possibly a cross ), maybe 4 to 6 months old so only a pup. The puppy was wearing a black and grey harness.

When confronted, the man said he was just reprimanding the dog for pulling. When the witness questioned that, due to him punching the dog in its head, his son appeared, who also appeared slightly aggressive, so the witness backed off and the witness then reported the incident to the RSPCA, Police and Wardens. The man was also noted to have spoken with a slight Liverpool accent.

The man was also confronted again at the ice cream van but was not concerned and ran off into the woods.

This witness said there was at least 40 people in the vicinity at the time and they were the only person to confront the man which is quite sad really that nobody else felt they could stand up and help.

It was very, very busy. Does anyone have a dash cam they can check? Maybe if you were queuing to get in and saw something or amybe were taking photos, any pictures or more information is crucial. It is still uncertain if they walked in or took a car.

The National Trust are currently checking their CCTV footage as well. Whilst the RSPCA were very helpful , they will only persue this matter with any actual evidence provided.

Any evidence can be given in confidence, please ring Debra Beat, RSPCA Officer on

0300 123 4999.

Also update on the Formby Bubble or via yourself in confidence.

All locals and National trust need to remain vigilant for this man!

Original story on 26th March:

The hunt is on to find an animal abuser who was spotted beating up a puppy in the Victoria Road area of Formby, just near the kiosk to the entry of the National Trust. The incident happened last weekend but we are not sure of the exact date. If you have any details about this man or you witnessed the abuse on the dog, please get in touch with us (in confidence) so we can pass on your details. Is anyone aware of the exact date and approximate time that this assault occurred, as this will assist with the enquiries. Please advise the Bubble in confidence of any information or description of owner and dog you may have. Witnesses say the man proceeded to pick the puppy up by the harness then threw it on to the floor before punching it on the top of the head. The puppy squealed then cowered with its tail between its legs. This was in front of a queue of cars waiting to go into the pinewoods. One witnesses said: “I screamed at him but he hurried off into the pinewoods.” “I told the park trust workers who seemed not bothered in the slightest because they hadn’t seen it themselves, even though I had two witnesses who said they seen the abuse. I then found him by the ice cream van with two other people and the dog (who was desperately trying to escape whenever he came near it.) I confronted him again and asked why he did it but he said he wasn’t arsed.” “I rang the police who told me to ring the RSPCA. I gave them all the details but doubt they will catch him. The poor dog was no older than 6 months.“ If anyone has any more information, please contact the Bubble in confidence with anything that you have, description of the man, the dog and any more details at all. Thankyou Email: Facebook message to

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