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Dead Formby Red Squirrel went up for sale on eBay for 3 days before being removed

A Dead Formby red squirrel went up for sale on eBay on Sunday 7th January. It was titled; 'Real Formby Red Squirrel specimen for taxidermy'. The asking price was £275.

The seller has posted a picture of the animal’s body and suggested it could be worth buying for taxidermy purposes.

The seller, Hannah, said: “Found this beautiful creature this morning, must have died of natural causes as no damage. Shame to let it decay, it’s so beautiful, maybe someone would like to taxidermy!”

“I found him/her at the bottom of my garden, [I’ve] never sold for taxidermy [before] but it’s now frozen. I wouldn’t know how to post so I put as collection.”

The auction was set to last for three days, with an opening bid of £10 required.

The listing has now been removed by Ebay.

Red squirrels are protected under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981. People may not know that this piece of legislation not only protects red squirrels and their dreys, but also makes it illegal to:

1) - sell, offer for sale, possess or transport for the purpose of sale a red squirrel, live or dead 2) - Advertise for buying or selling of a red squirrel

Lancashire Wildlife Trust said: "The red squirrels are expanding from their stronghold in the woods on the Sefton Coast. Our squirrel officers and dedicated volunteers are playing a crucial role in this success story."

"The red squirrel population in Merseyside and Lancashire has been steadily increasing since the devastating impact of the squirrel pox virus outbreak in 2008 which saw 80% of the population wiped out."

"This virus is carried by grey squirrels which are immune to it, but it is fatal to red squirrels. Thanks to the perseverance and dedication of our volunteers and project officers, the population recovered quickly and has now increased to almost 90% of the pre-pox numbers."

"It is our aim that red squirrels will once again become a common sight throughout North Merseyside, West Lancashire and beyond. As a partner in the new Red Squirrels United project, funded by EU LIFE and Heritage Lottery Fund, and with the help of our dedicated volunteers this is now a real possibility."

"Please report any dead red squirrel sightings so we can add them to our records and keep track of potential disease outbreaks. If you see a Grey Squirrel or a sick, injured or dead Red Squirrel within the Sefton area then please contact Lancashire Wildlife Trust."

If you see a grey squirrel, please call immediately so we can respond as soon as possible!

Rachel Miller, Red Squirrel Project Officer

Project Officer - Rachel Miller Tel - 07590 745 862 Email -

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