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Formby girl is raising money to help a teenage boy with Cerebral Palsy be reunited with his mother

Formby resident Laura Bennett is trying to raise funds for a very worthwhile cause-for a boy who she volunteered with in Bangladesh with her mother.

Shawon is a teenage boy living in Bangladesh, who was born with Cerebral Palsy. When he was young, Shawon's parents had to make the heartbreaking decision to put him into care many miles from the rural family home. Having to go out to work to provide for their other children meant that they were unable to provide the full-time care that Shawon needed at home. This difficult dillemma is unfortunately all too common for parents of disabled children in Bangladesh, where extreme poverty is rife.

Thankfully, the charity 'Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed' (CRP) in Dhaka, Bangladesh branched out and opened a residential school for children like Shawon.

Laura said: "My mother and I spent a month volunteering in this school in 2012, and were able to see first hand how it is an invaluable safety net for these children; a place where they will have access to health, rehabilitation, education and friends."

"When they reach around 19 years old, those children who are able are sent back into the community with a valuable skill for earning a living. Some, like Shawon, are able to go back to their family home, where family members can assist them in their employment. In this way it is financially viable for the family to be reunited once again with their child."

Shawon's mother Laura went on t say: "Shawon's mother is eager for him to return home to live-the journey to visit him at CRP is too expensive to be made more than once a year. Through intensive therapy and teaching, Shawon has learned shop keeping at CRP."

Shawon in school at CRP Money has already been raised for a basic shop, which has been built next door to his mother's home. However they still need wheelchair access, a specialist seat for him, a fan for the extreme temperature and, of course, the fisrt lot of stock for him to sell. Please could you help me to assist this incredible charity to fulfil their goal of bringing this family back together, whilst also giving Shawon his well deserved independence.

The shop which has been built next to Shawon's mother's house. Laura added: "This project has been achieved, with success, with other children over the last few years, and so we have every reason to be confident that this will be successful. Thanks for your support."

Laura has already raised over £1,300 for Shawon, please help her to raise more.

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