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Attract more visitors with a £100 parking fine

For so long we have been trying to attract more people in to Formby village so why charge an extortionate price of £100 parking fine in the Furness Avenue car park it is outrageous! Alot of people do not realise that you have to pay 24hrs a day! it should only be a £20 fine because that is a price that is understandable! here is a letter that we received from a Formby Resident, Professor Ray Donnelly

Dear Formby Bubble...

My wife has just been issued with a £100 parking fine for not displaying a ticket in the car park behind M&S in Formby Village. She genuinely forgot to get a ticket and was clearly at fault but the size of the penalty absolutely staggered me. She shops in Formby every day but it is unlikely that she will do so in future.

To penalise someone £100 for ten minutes parking is highway robbery and I fail to understand how the Parish Council, Sefton Council and the shops in Formby can allow this to happen. £100 is a fortune for some people who would be badly hit by such a penalty.

Incidentally, the ticket was issued by and when I went on to their website and entered the necessary details, as advised on the ticket, there was a brief message to say ’we cannot find this ticket’.

I tried again a couple of days later and a warning sign came up on my screen to say that someone on this site was trying to steal my details. I quickly got off the page. What is going on?

Professor Ray Donnelly MBE FRCS

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