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Formby clown appears on ITV's Judge Rinder accusing Killer Clowns of costing him his business

Mr Trix, the children's entertainer from Formby was seen on an ITV court show last week, Judge Rinder, after accusing a 'killer clown' of costing him business.

John Nixon is 73 years old and from Freshfield, better known as magic clown Mr Trix and says the teenager, known as Connor, has lost him hundreds of pounds worth of work to the tune of at least 3 bookings and approx £450.

John Nixon has worked as the magic clown Mr Trix for 25 years, and said the ‘killer clown’ craze has lost him a lot of business since hitting the local area.

ITV's Judge Rinder show, in which the famous judge oversees a variety of small claims such as consumer issues disputes, personal and business disputes, and allegations of negligence looked at both sides of the story.

John became aware of teenage ‘killer clown’ Connor after seeing him in the national press then jumped at the opportunity to put the prankster to rights on the show. Connor had dressed up as a clown and went to a nearby school to scare the kids. He was arrested and given a £90 fine along with a warning. Connor is the person person to be convicted knowingly of this offence.

Whilst John had never met Connor, he felt someone needed to be held accountable. John went on the show with his brother and explained to Judge Rinder that phone calls stopped coming in for clown bookings. John said he was proud to be a chuildren's entertainer and actually won Children's Entertainer of the Year award a few years ago. He went on to show Judge Rinder a trick with a ring which dissappeared and re-appeared on John's keyring from his pocket.

Judge Rinder said to Connor: "You are doing it for one reason alone and that is to cause fear and alarm and serious distress." Connor replied with: "People should Man-Up!" The Judge then sent him off stage. Judge Rinder then said to John: "Connor has undermined the decent name of clowning but, you would need to prove his specific actions had damaged your business. I am truly grateful that you have highlighted this today. The public in general will get to hear who is behind his nonsence." Judge Rinder then dismissed the case.

John said: “This young lad had no thought for anyone but himself, he was absolutely full of himself. He said: "He’d put a video of him as a clown online and it’d gone viral, and that he was very satisfied with how the whole thing had turned out. There was just no repentance at all.

“I could not believe how arrogant he was, he even stuck his two fingers up to me on the way out. Judge Rinder shouted ‘get out of my court’ to him!

To see what happend on the show for yourself between Mr Trix and ‘killer clown’ Connor, tune in to Judge Rinder on this link:

You can contact Mr Trix to book his brilliant act through his website:

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