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Three attempted burglaries on businesses in Formby last week

Over the last two weeks, there has been a number of burglaries/attempted on local businesses in our Bubble. The first being a very popular community gym on Green Lane, Formby Fitness.

The CCTV shows that three men, with hats on and faces partially covered entered the property through the back fire escape by forcing the door with a 4ft crowbar. The security lights all came on and were fully illuminated but that did not seem to deter the thieves who continued into the building.

Co-owner of the gym, John said: "It was very surreal watching the footage and the frightening thing was that the men seemed to know their way around. They were in the dark but, knew which way to turn to go through a door into the main studio and then headed straight to the camera to tilt it away from them."

Formby Fitness had, the day before the break-in enjoyed participating in a Macmillan Coffee morning with members and non members attending. John said: "The atmosphere was amazing, we had so many cakes and so much coffee, it was such a great day and it is so sad when we were all on such a high for this to happen. When you see people walking around your business that you have worked so hard for, it just destroys you. We came off that Macmillan high with a massive drop!"

Formby Fitness managed to raise £300 for their coffee morning and John said: "We can only assume that this is what the thieves were after. We never leave any money on the premises and the equipment is all commercial so it cannot be just lifted out. They did take a small amount from the till and no damage was done so, we have used the experience to make our property more secure and are thankful it wasn't any worse."

Merseyside Police spokesperson said: "There was a break-in at Formby Fitness on Green Lane/Ryeground Lane in Formby at approx 3am on 1st October. Three men were caught on CCTV. The report of burglary which happened around 2:10am. Money was taken from the till. CCTV enquiries are ongoing and we will look to circulate these if appropriate at a later stage."

Formby Fitness released their own CCTV images on their social media platform in the hope to catch the burglars.

Just four days after the gym break-in, a Formby beauty salon also suffered an attempted break-In on Wednesday 5th October. The owner, Holly of Chapel Lane salon, Made-Up contacted the Formby Bubble because she wanted to warn other business owners in the Formby area to be extra vigilant.

On Wednesday 5th October, burglars attempted to break into the popular Formby Salon by drilling holes in the metal on the main front doors. Thankfully they were not successful and could not gain entry into the property.

Holly told the Bubble: "Thank God that they couldn't get in. It's really horrible for a small business and another worry that we do not need."

Merseyside Police said: "We had a report of an attempted break-in at Made Up beauty salon on Chapel Lane in Formby. Damage to the front door by way of holes drilled through the metal. This was reported around 10.10am on Thursday 6 October. The incident happened between 5pm Wed and 10am Thursday. This has been filed pending any further evidence coming to light."

There was also an attempted break-in at Barnardos charity shop on Chapel Lane, Formby Village on Saturday night of 8th October. Merseyside Police spokesman said: "We had a report of an attempted burglary occurring between 5.45pm on Saturday, 8 October and 8am on Sunday 9 October. The rear kitchen door was forced but no entry gained. Unwitnessed and no CCTV. The incident has been filed pending any further evidence coming to light. Crime prevention advice and reassurance has been given to the owners."

Business owners are requested to be extra vigilant when opening/securing premises and report any suspicious activity to Merseyside Police on 101 or ring Crime Stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. If you are a local business and require further information and support, please speak to your local neighborhood officer.

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