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Controversial planning application on a well known Formby flood plain

An outline planning application has been submitted by Redrow Homes, for a residential development of up to 90 houses on the land south of Andrews Lane in Formby. The site is 6.45hectacres and will house 63 'market housing' properties, 22 properties for Social rented housing and 5 properties for intermediate housing.There will also be 180 on-site parking spaces.

The land is classed as greenbelt land and is included in the Local Plan. Until this land is removed from the green belt, it remains in. The Local Plan Inspector has yet to make his final report, even now he is conducting additional hearings about sites in Formby.

Cllr Maria Bennett said: "The developers are being very presumptuous over this application because the land is still considered as greenbelt so they should have waited until the plan is passed by the inspector. I would urge worried residents to object to this application. If residents get a petition together of 25 signatures or more, this will enable them to speak at planning meetings. If anyone needs help, they can call the Parish Council on Tel: 01704 395955"

This application pre-empts the Neighbourhood Plan and the Local Plan and therefore is not In accordance with Planning Policy Guidance: “Planning should be genuinely plan-led, empowering local people to shape their surroundings, with sufficient local and neighbourhood plans setting out a positive vision for the future of the area”.

Residents have now received a letter asking for their comments about the development and all comments MUST BE IN BY 7th October. Residents have contacted the Bubble about their many concerns regarding the site including issues of flooding and traffic congestion.

The site has got flooding issues as part of the site is in Flood Zone 3 having a 1 in 100 or greater annual probability of river flooding, however as we have seen, after the winter floods of 2015 it was widely acknowledged the concepts of probability of annual flood will have to be revisited. Redrow have, according to their planning application, added an attenuation pond to the area just outside the housing area. An attenuation pond is a pond which is designed to slow the passage of water from surface run-off to the ground/drainage system e.g. stormwater sewers. It does this by storing the run-off during times of peak flow i.e. heavy rainfall, and slowly releasing it at a controlled rate after the peak flow has passed. Although, according to Fragoff, the proposed attenuation pond is unlikely to provide sufficient storage to cope with additional runoff as it is situated in an area of the site that is saturated with high ground water levels throughout the winter.

There is also issues regarding the traffic congestion towards the level crossing. Traffic at the railway crossing is already really bad, especially during peak times so the addition of a further 90 homes will undoubtedly add to this congestion considerably.

We spoke to @FrapFormby and they gave us this statement: "Amidst the numerous smaller issues involved in this new application, there are three major concerns -

1) Drainage and Sewage: houses on Andrews Close only have soak-away drains. The new houses are raised to ensure that water run-off adds to the flooding risk for these and other local properties. Sewage already backs up in heavy weather raising manhole covers and making toilets unusable. Does anyone really believe that adding a culvert and pond to the plan will solve these problems?

2) Residents cannot afford to employ London firms to tell planners that it's OK to build a nice expensive estate on what is officially Green Belt land. This application started as 87 houses: the new application mentions 'up to 90' and 'up to 100' new houses, impacting on the environment, wildlife and quality of life for everyone.

3) The transport section of the application emphasises traffic on Elson Road and by the railway crossing. It ignores the creation of a blind junction on the corner of Barton Heys Road and Andrews Lane used by hundreds of children and their parents every weekday. This constitutes a genuine risk to children's' safety for all those who cycle to and from Range High School and those using the very popular cycle track. How long will it be before we are calling ambulances to this new junction?

This plan is dangerous and wrong. There are also bats in the woodland and It's an offence to destroy their habitat."

To object online:

Follow the link below and click the 'Make a Comment button'.

Fill in the 'Make a representation' online form, don't forget to include your email address to obtain a confirmation reply.

Lastly don't forget to click on the submit button!

Click this link to go to the 'Planning Application' page:

To submit your comments by post, send your letter to:

Planning Services

Department of the Built Environment

Magdalen House

30 Trinity Road


L20 3NJ

The letter should include the Application Reference Number DC/2016/01740 and the address of the building site; Land To The South Of Andrews Lane Formby. Your Name and Address and your "Grounds for Objection", the reasons you do not wish the development to go ahead.

All comments should be in no later than October 7th

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