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Merseyside Gas & Heating Services are an exciting new company in Formby

Merseyside Gas & Heating Services are an exciting new company that not only focuses on the heating needs of the household, but also actively strives to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Merseyside Gas & Heating Services are a highly qualified and professional team, specialising in all of your domestic heating and gas appliance needs.

The business was founded by Jeremy Craggs, who is a time-served gas engineer trained through a four year apprentiship with British Gas commencing 1977.

He uses the latest diagnostic / gas analyser equipment which allows for printouts of all test results.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

  • Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere as a result of your activities. This is thought by many to contribute to climate change. By improving the efficiency of your boiler and central heating system, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint at home, and save you money as well!

Energy Saving

  • By having your boiler serviced annually, it will run more efficiently, costing you less on your energy bills.

  • To make greater savings, you should consider having your system Power Flushed and have energy saving controls fitted.

Efficient Appliances

  • By fitting a modern combi boiler, there's a good chance you can cut your gas bill by around 20-30% per year. A well installed combi boiler is very reliable and often comes with up to a ten year warranty. With annual servicing this will give you peace of mind, lower bills and a warm home for years to come.

Power flushing.

Extended lifespan of heating your system:

By having your system Power Flushed you are increasing the lifespan of your entire central heating system. Sludge can clog your pipes, leading to problems and costly bills for new components or even a new boiler, but after Power Flushing, the lifespan of your system will be extended by up to 10 years.

Greater efficiency:

After Power Flushing, your central heating system can function as well as a new system and can be up to 40% more efficient – no more cold radiators or noisy boilers!

Cheaper heating bills:

As there will no longer be any sludge clogging up your pipes and boiler, the water will circulate much more efficiently, heating the radiators throughout, so you won’t need to turn up your heating so high. This means big savings on your central heating costs – customers commonly save up to 40% on each and every subsequent heating bill after a Power Flush.

Long-lasting results:

If you have your boiler serviced regularly, your central heating system should not need to be Power Flushed again for at least 10 years – that’s 10 years free from patchy radiators, leaking systems and sludge!

It is imperative that, after a Powerflush, a Magna clean and chemical inhibitors are fitted to ensure continued economical performance.

Being Formby and Parbold based, we cover the areas of North Merseyside and West Lancashire.

Please contact us on the following:


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