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Scrambler Bikes In Formby doing wheelies on our streets and one rider pulled a knife on member of pu

Scrambler bikes are fast becoming a huge problem in Formby, being ridden wrecklessly around our roads by riders without helmets doing very fast speeds and even doing wheelies on residential streets.

One resident told Formby Bubble: "There was a lad on a scrambler who I saw doing a wheelie on Liverpool Road earlier. He was also on Cheshire Lines track wearing a hoodie, no crash helmet or registration plates!"

Another source told the Bubble that he had a knife pulled on him by one of the riders:

"I heard about these stolen bikes being driven around in Rose Gardens. One of them, the blue sports bike, is mine. I am feeling very let down by the Police, as we went out looking for them and we saw the black one."

"We got a knife pulled on us as they ran through by the Railway pub on this bike. I feel like nobody in the Police force is bothered about how I feel about my pride and joy. I bought this bike literally 3 weeks ago for when I pass my test. They have been sighted now so many times but, the Police keep going down with blue lights flashing, they need to go undercover and box them in!"

More comments from concerned residents that the situation is escalating: "Within the last half hour, there has been lads riding a black scrambler motorbike down Duke Street and Phillips Lane doing wheelies at 80 miles an hour. No helmets, black scarves with slits to see out of. No plates. Even riding on the park. Some residents went out to confront them. The youths were goading them. Honestly someone is going to get hurt. The residents are so fed up of them. We rang the Police on 999 and also 101 were rang by numerous residents but, no-one came!"

Another resident told the Bubble: "There were gangs and I felt Intimidated. There was a video of them from about a month ago riding down Duke Street with no helmets etc. but, Police said unless there was a number plate, it was no use? Same Grey hooded youth on it today in my opinion."

Another resident: "They are so dangerous and will end up killing some innocent person. They must have parents who know they have a bike. Why are they not doing something? They have been up and down our road in the early hours. Three on a bike with faces covered! Not that brave are they?!?! Police tried to get them in the park last night."

Another worried resident said: "Police Helicopter has been about tonight, looks like it was circling Duke street. My son and I saw two youths on a motorbike with their faces covered and no helmet. We are genuinely scared to go on a leisurely bike ride. Our poor kids are terrified that they are going to get hurt and their bikes stolen! Young kids who should be playing out and not having to worry!"

Merseyside Police have confirmed that a number of reports of scrambler bikes being ridden in an anti-social manner in Formby, were received throughout yesterday evening (Monday 5th September). Reports were received between 7.40pm and 9.45pm that scrambler bikes were being ridden in the Watchyard Lane, Duke Street, Grange Road and Larkhill Lane areas of Formby. Officers attended the area and enquiries were made to locate the bikes and the males seen riding on them. The Police helicopter was also over Formby for over an hour.

Merseyside Police are appealing for help from the public following a report of a burglary of two motorbikes at a business premises in Formby. A report was received on Friday, 2 September that two motorbikes – a black Honda XL 125CC and a Suzuki GSXR 600CC – had been stolen from the address. It was reported that offenders had forced entry through shutters, taking the bikes and causing damage to two others sometime between 10pm on Thursday, 1 September and 6.30am on Friday. It is believed the bikes were among those being ridden anti-socially on Monday evening. The black Honda motorbike has been recovered after it was found to have been abandoned on Deansgate Lane in Formby. Neighbourhood Inspector Jim Atherton said: "I share the frustrations of the community over this issue. We are grateful for the numerous reports we have received, which has led to the recovery of this motorbike. Enquiries into this matter are ongoing." Anyone with information on where off-road bikes are being stored or on the incident, is asked to call 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Stolen bike in Formby

Stolen bike - now recovered in Formby

It was reported last week that officers from Merseyside Police are hailing the most successful ever crackdown on the nuisance and criminal use scrambler bikes and off-road bikes, with record numbers of seizures and arrests this summer.

On Monday, 5 September at 10.00am, a large number of these bikes were crushed at Hills Salvage and Recycling Ltd in Skelmersdale.

The force has so far seized a total of 185 vehicles, including 95 confirmed stolen vehicles, which have been reunited with their owners, where possible. A total of 150 arrests have also been made, including for driving, theft and drug offences, as part of this year’s operation.

The annual campaign is in its sixth year and has been running since the start of June. The operation has been focussed on communities across Merseyside which have been suffering from the nuisance and criminal use of off-road motorbikes, ranging from anti-social behaviour and their use in serious and organised crime, including firearm incidents.

The operation has used a number of tactics and partnerships, including air support from National Police Air Support (NPAS), CCTV footage provided by Liverpool City Council Citywatch, high visibility police patrols, education in schools and visits to petrol stations.

Merseyside’s Police Commissioner Jane Kennedy said: “I congratulate the force and all the officers, PCSOs and staff involved in this crackdown on a record year for Operation Brookdale.

I know they have worked really hard this year to take more nuisance bikes off our streets than ever before, helping to protect our communities and keep local people safe. This has included looking at new and novel ways to tackle and arrest those who blight our neighbourhoods by riding these bikes in a dangerous, intimidating and criminal way."

“These riders have absolutely no regard for other road users and are putting innocent people, as well as their own lives, in danger. The statistics from this operation speak for themselves and highlight the importance of carrying out these campaigns."

Merseyside Police Assistant Chief Constable Ian Critchley said: “The success of Operation Brookdale so far is commendable, but we will not let up in our efforts. Each piece of information provided and bike recovered only strengthens our resolve in tackling these issues in the future, until we eradicate the problems completely."

“This year, we have continued to develop new tactics to allow respond quickly and effectively, including DNA sprays, partnership work with Citywatch, Crimestoppers, housing agencies and the Fire Service, and I would particularly like to thank members of our communities for the valuable information they keep providing, which enables such positive action to be taken.

Superintendent Jenny Sims has led the operation. She said: “We are delighted with the success of this year’s operation. Merseyside is a safer place with each bike seized. The number of bikes seized during this year’s operation should mean that our communities are subjected to less incidents like this one in the future and I also hope it makes people who use off road bikes illegally or anti-socially think very carefully about their behaviour."

She added: “Despite these successes, we will not be complacent. We know that many of our communities continue to be blighted by scrambler bikes being ridden dangerously and I want to reassure people that although Operation Brookdale may have finished for this year, our work targeting scrambler bikes will carry on throughout the year and beyond. We will continue to be out on patrol and to take action whenever the community tells us there are problems. I would appeal to anyone with information about illegal or nuisance scrambler bikes in their areas to get in touch with us and I can assure them that we will take action.”

Anyone with information is encouraged to continue calling police via the 101 number, or dial 999 in the event of an emergency or if there is a crime in progress. Alternatively, people can pass information anonymously to Crimestoppers, 24 hours a day, on 0800 555 111.

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