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Formby’s One Antler Reindeer, Smokey is now living it up in Wales

As many of you will be aware, Formby has had a one antlered resident reindeer this year at Santa’s Enchanted Forest.

For those who didn't know, his name is Smokey and he is 4 years old. Smokey naturally lost one of his antlers just before his 'dash' to the wilderness. This is very normal for this time of year.

Smokey made his way down the coast to a lovely paddock on Altcar training camp. He regularly popped out for a stroll and even enjoyed the occasional swim in the sea.

Joe Cannon from the Go Outside team said: “We liaised regularly with Altcar camp and after a couple of failed attempts of returning him, we all decided the best plan of action was to leave him be.”

“Smokey has become somewhat the local celebrity, he even popped into a garden on Christmas eve, much to the delight of the children who lived there. Their Dad told us he was sceptical when the children shouted "Dad there is a reindeer in the back garden!”

“We delivered some reindeer food into the camp and they have been kindly feeding Smokey each day.”

“He seems to have had the time of his life!!”

“That said, the best for everybody involved including Smokey, we arrange this morning for a licenced vet to travel from London and take Smokey home.”

“He is now very much happy, well and back with rudolph and the gang on his lodge in the mountains of Wales.”

“Smokey lives there with seventy of his friends and I'm sure he has a tale or two to tell them about his escapades in Formby.”

“For those who want to meet Smokey, he will be back next year for selfies.”

“A big thank you to Altcar Training Camp for your help over this period. I'm sure you will miss your mascot and I'm sure he will miss you.”

Take a look at the Go Outside Website where you can get involved in many different outdoor activities to keep you occupied:

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