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4 cyclists on the Hightown roads didn’t have a brain cell between them, taking advantage of new laws

Dear Formby Bubble:

On Saturday afternoon, i was traveling from Little Crosby to my home in Formby. I was a passenger in my son-in-laws car. We passed St Mary’s Church and everything was proceeding okay, then all of a sudden, we aproached about 6 cars travelling at about 15 mph so we joined the little queue.

On looking ahead, i could see 4 grown men on bicycles in front of the cars, these mindless morons quite obviously were doing their best to annoy the motorists behind them by using the new laws kindly handed to them by the new highway code because when the other side of the road was devoid of traffic they made a point of riding 2 abreast and not close to each other neither. As soon as traffic aproached from the opposite direction, they split up 4 in line, this carried on in the same manner till we reached The Pheasant Pub, then carried on towards Hightown, by this time, there was a queue of cars, i estimated about half a mile long.

If those mindless morons only thought about their stupidity, if an emergency vehicle joined that queue, they would have no chance of gettng passed due to traffic in the opposite direction at very regular intervals, so they could very easily have caused the death of somebody, in such a case they quite simply thought they where extremely clever. I reckon that they didnt have a brain cell between the 4 of them.

So well done oh brainless highway code kings of the road, why dont you go see a shrink, believe me, all 4 of you need to. You did absolutely nothing for the good name that most proper cyclists have. I am a cyclist myself but i dont take the highway code to extremes.

You should be ashamed of yourselves!

Name supplied



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