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The new Tree Pit and railings will ensure long term care of our Village Trees

If you have visited our beautiful village in the last few days, you may have noticed the new 'Tree Pit' and railings around the base of one of the trees. The Formby Parish Council are responsible for sorting this out in order to protect the tree. The Tree Pits will also be going around a further two veteran trees.

Chair of Formby Parish Council, Cllr Maria Bennett said: "Not only will the trees now have mulch to protect and keep the roots damp, they will also have carbon treatment scattered in the tree pits to improve their health and towards the spring, a mycorrhizal drench will be put into the pits which is friendly fungus that attaches to the root system and enables the tree to get more nutrients and water out of the ground. The wooden retainers around the bottom not only keeps the mulch in but also stops salt wash getting into the pits during the winter."

"Along with the injected fertiliser, which was administered this Spring with a second dose next Spring, this care routine should ensure that no large pruning intervention will be needed so looking at the long term care of the trees, it will keep the tree healthier which is cheaper than constantly cutting back dead branches. This was all recommended by the independent tree expert Bruce Hatton. Sadly the 4th Vetran Tree had declined for too long and in the time it took to negotiate a way forward with Sefton Council, it was passed the point of no return and this was illustrated when we came to administer the BITE injected fertiliser, when the tree failed to draw up the solution into its trunk."

Cllr Bennett went on to say: "The design of the tree pits was a mixture of practicality, needing a retaining strip around the edge of the tree pit to keep the mulch in and the height of 900mm was a requirement by Sefton Council to avoid a trip hazard."

"Our original idea was similar to that in Ainsdale, which would have been a couple of sleepers on their sides, on top of each other but, this did not meet the required height stipulation that Sefton Council gave us. The see-through railings surrounding the tree as part of the Tree Pit are, less imposing than a solid barrier of 900mm all the way around, which would have made the village look cluttered. In the end this was the obvious compromise."

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