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The tree report is back and it confirms that the trees are safe and viable

The latest Tree Report by Formby Parish Council's Arborist is back and it confirms that the trees are safe and viable. It says that any decline in both trees can be reversed by the appropriate care and pruning!

The report has been given to Margaret Carney at Sefton Council and we are now hoping that it will put a stop to the trees being chopped down this Thursday 4th October.

The Facebook group - Save Our Formby Village Trees has now got over 4,000 signatures in their petition to save the trees, well done to them for all their hard work.

Tracey from the group said: "Thank you to everyone who turned up on Saturday 29th September, to help with the petitions.. and to all the messages of support on the day, and on our Facebook page. The Urban sketchers were fantastic. Copies of their pictures are on the trees, and will be published on the Formby Bubble next week." "The Uke3 Ukelele group were great, and really lifted the vibe of the day, thank you to you all and special thanks for the rendition of 'we shall not be moved' 😁"

If you have not yet signed the petition, please do so as soon as possible, we are running out of time. Sign petition HERE

Here is a letter sent to Formby Bubble regarding our trees -

Dear Formby Bubble: Subject: The Formby Village Heritage Chesnut Trees. Formby.

We have here in Formby Village in Merseyside a tree lined shopping and community street lined with 100 year old Chesnut trees.

The local Council Sefton MBC are proposing to fell two of these under the auspices of Health and Safety concern.

This follows the outrage expressed by local residents earlier in the year to do the same.This was halted by local protest.

This was postponed and a report was commissioned and paid for by the Local Formby Parish Coincil done by a leading arborist who has commissions to many authorities and local govt.

The report highlighted all the conditions of each tree. One was to be felled and has been duly laid to rest.

The others were just in need of pruning maintenance and some TLC. Each tree was individually assesed.

We understand the council argues it does not have funds to maintain the trees, sighting the naughty, nasty, Tory Government cuts of course.

So under the guise of health and safety it finds it easier to fell rather than maintain, however we understand that MIchael Gove has appointed a Minister to stop all this ruination of heritage trees in the form of a tree Czar Sir Worsley.

There is huge local support to save the trees, maintain and improve their life for the benefit of all in the village.

I would ask you all to lend your support , contacting your relevant departments and ask Sefton to reconsider their proposed action.

There is no need to fell trees with such history, survivors of two wars, many recessions, many governments and many generations of lives who admired them......................... when there is an alternative .................. maintenance and a little common sense!

Thank You for your Time.

Nigel. Formby resident.

This is the full report by Formby Parish Council's Arborist that has now been presented to Margaret Carney.

A beautiful Watercolour by Polly Birchall from the Urban Sketchers of our tree outside Cassidy's fruit & Veg shop on Saturday 29th September 2018

People gather to sign the petition and listen to the music

The Uke3 Ukelele group with their rendition of 'we shall not be moved'

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