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Freshfields appeal to the public this summer

In a summer which has already seen a dramatic recent increase in animals abandoned at Freshfields, 6 male guinea pigs were brought in by concerned members of the public, who found them dumped in a box on a scorchingly hot day.

The guinea pigs, all male, are in a terrible condition. Some have large, inflamed bald patches on their bodies and they are covered with sores and scabs. The little chaps have had a full examination by our vet, and will be tested for ringworm and other issues. Some of them have ripped and scarred ears from previous injuries.

Dawn Hurst, Operations Manager, said: “These poor guinea pigs are in terrible discomfort at best, and at worst, they are in a huge amount of pain. At least now they are safe with our dedicated team at the Small Animals and Wildlife Unit. Our staff and volunteers will give them the special daily care and medical attention they need. We will do everything in our power to help them recover, and we fervently hope that they will be fit enough to be neutered and rehomed in a few weeks’ time.

Over the past 2 weeks the Wildlife Unit has already admitted 4 rabbits, who were also dumped in boxes in a nearby park. Mum then gave birth in the Unit later that night, producing another litter of 4 baby bunnies. This latest group brings that figure up to 14 animals, who have beenncruelly abandoned, in the scorching heat of the last few weeks, with no access to water. This has made a very distressing situation so much worse. We appeal to the public: Please, if you can no longer care for your pets, do not simply leave them to what may be a slow death.

Please contact our rescue centre on 0151 931 1404 we may be able to help, and we can explore your situation and look at the options. Let’s be kinder to our animals, and work together to avoid needless suffering and give them hope.

Our Wildlife Unit is bursting at the seams with many hungry mouths to feed! If you can help them by contributing towards their medical care and food, please donate at

Thank you all for your support for the animals who desperately need us.

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