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Two Formby men re-created the viral ‘in the entry’ video with their class of Vietnamese children

"Where are yerrr?" - "I'm in the entry" - Two Formby men re-created the viral ‘in the entry’ video with their class of Vietnamese children.

The video, posted by Callum Graham on Facebook, shows a class of youngsters re-enacting the famous clip - which shows a hilarious, confused Scouser struggling to find his friend.

In the footage, teacher Cal, dressed in a dark grey shirt and another member of staff, believed to be Elliott Clay, begin by asking the class of excitable children to shout ‘hello’ and then ‘where are yerrr?’.

He then shouts ‘I’m in the entry’ to which the cute children copy - in their best Scouse twang!

Stood with his hands on his hips, an action which the children then copy, Elliot then says ‘Oh I don’t know where yer are’ and the children shout it back.

The youngsters are then given a round of applause by their proud teachers - after their funny performance.

Here is the video....

Cal said: "I still can't believe that next week is my final week at this school. Without a doubt the quickest month of my life. I have no idea how I'm going to go without seeing these little happy people every day. I feel lucky to have spent even a month with them."

See Cals Facebook post and all the comments here:

The video is a spoof of the well-known video - which came to light in 2014 - of a befuddled Scouser unable to find his friend. In the viral video, the disorientated man is being tricked by his friend who keeps shouting to him while hiding and telling him ‘he is in the entry’.

However every time the man opens the gate out of the courtyard and stumbles into ‘the entry’ he cannot find him.

Hilariously the trickery goes on for several minutes with the man repeatedly going in and out of the back gate, looking over walls and behind corners to find his friend.

Cal, who posted the skit video, responded on Facebook to fans of the tribute.

One person wrote: “Those kids are so cute, great video!” to which Cal replies: “I can’t even begin to describe how amazing they are.”

Others loved the video with one writing: “Boss this lads” and another posted: “Omg this is the best thing ever!”

Callum, who teaches five and six-year-old's in Bien Hoa, said: "The original 'in the entry' video has been a long running personal joke in our friendship group, which we find endlessly hysterical."

"But the idea to film the children doing it was spontaneous really."

"We had discussed it off the cuff a few times, but in the class Elliott just turned to me and said get your phone out and we filmed it and now here we are."

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