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Excel Parking Services at The Cloisters, Formby hit out again at our vulnerable residents

The Cloisters car park in Formby at the back of M&S continues to cause distress and upset with residents. The latest target is a 74 year-old Formby resident who decided she did not want to be named but told us of her anger at the way she has been treated.

The disabled lady was visiting a physiotherapist in Chapel Lane surgery on 24th May this year. Her physiotherapist actually came down to the car park and obtained a ticket for her to display on her vehicle. The lady was parked in a disabled bay so she also displayed her blue badge quite clearly on the dashboard with the correct time displayed.

After her physio appointment, she returned to her car which had a 'Warning' sticker slapped on the windscreen which said clearly: 'THIS IS NOT A PARKING CHARGE NOTICE'.

A week later, the resident received a parking charge notice (PCN) in the post for £100

The contravention reason was: 'Parked in a disabled space without clearly displaying a valid disabled persons badge'.

The disabled badge was clearly displayed on the windscreen but had slid across to half way cover the time dial so it was half of the time dial that could not be seen, the disabled badge was clearly displayed along with the parking ticket which clearly displayed the time anyway. An email was sent to Excel to challenge the PCN and then a week later a further letter was received threatening court action. This has left the elderly resident distressed, upset but also very angry that they can get away with treating people like this.

When you email Excel Parking Services, to argue your case, they do not respond to any emails. They tell you on the ticket if you do not agree with the ticket, you must email them, you cannot phone or write, it has to be email and when you do, they do not reply. We have seen proof of this with many Formby residents.

The Cloisters car park on Halsall Lane is ran by Excel Parking Service Limited whose rules include paying for a pay and display ticket even if you have a blue disabled badge on show, as a way of proving the correct time of arriving. However this rule is something that varies depending on the car park, most often, disabled badge holders can park in car parks without a pay and display ticket.

The Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis said: "If you get an unfair ticket in a private car park, don't automatically pay it. These supposed 'fines' handed out are merely invoices, often unenforceable, and it's a Wild West out there – many private parking firms are frankly cowboys."

Remember this resident did not receive a 'Parking Charge Notice', they only received a Warning Notice yet, still received a PCN in the post demanding £100 a week later. It is disgusting that this company continue to cause distress and worry in giving out these unwarranted tickets.

Excel Parking Service Limited declined to comment.

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