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Formby Teasers - Do you know what this building was on Victoria Road?

Do you remember where and what this building was in Formby?

Answer: This was a Bank on Victoria Road in Freshfield.

The bank was a sub branch of Martins Bank in Formby. It was taken over in 1969 by Barclays Bank and actually closed in 1980. It was situated in Victoria Road near to the railway station. Former Police Inspector Bob Greenhalgh was there as a Security Guard.

Bubble reader, Ian Winkley sent his memory of the bank...

"Seeing the photograph brought back many happy memories as I was, at one time, the cashier at this sub branch. I had to report to Formby branch each morning, collect a case full of cash, jump in a taxi with a guard (Bob Greenhalgh, who stayed with me during the opening hours) and head for the sub branch. At the end of business hours we had to travel back to Formby branch, again by taxi, carrying the case full of cash as we couldn't leave money on the premises overnight. At the end of each month we would travel carrying extra cash to cover pay day salaries. In this modern world there is no way it would be safe to travel backwards and forwards by taxi, carrying large sums of cash with only a guard for protection. The only other bank in Freshfield was the District Bank on the opposite side of the road."

Bubble reader, Tony Knifton sent his memory of the bank... "The subject of this weeks teaser was NOT public conveniences, as assumed by some people many years ago. It was a sub-branch, in Victoria Road, of Martins Bank (Now Barclays) in Chapel Lane. I was on the staff at Chapel Lane, some 50 years ago, and would visit the sub-branch on a monthly 'surprise' basis to check the cash balance was in order. When I first went to the sub-branch the cashier was Roger Backhouse, later succeeded by Ian Winkley, both of whom still live in Formby. The guard was Bob Greenhalgh, a retired police sergeant, who lived on Elbow Lane. His wife was in the Formby Times office, where the Boots Pharmacy is now located."

"Martins Bank was very different from today's Barclays. There was a long mahogany counter stretching more than half-way along the interior, and no glass security screens. Entrance to the staff part of the branch merely involved putting a hand over the shoulder-height door, and withdrawing the bolt. So much for security!" Martins/Barclays bank Freshfield was demolished and houses were built on the site, and the District Bank became a pet shop when it also closed.

Photo by MF

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