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Hoggs Hill Lane is a matter of urgency before someone is killed says Councillor

Hoggs Hill Lane is an accident waiting to happen. Cllr Maria Bennett is all to aware of the ongoing problem since the new Bellway estate was built. Maria said to Formby Bubble: "The residents of the new Bellway estate are using the road as a rat run. This is an issue that I have raised with the council for the past 12 months as this is not a road but a right of access for pedestrians, dog walkers and cyclists etc."

Cllr Bennett went on to say: "It is only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt down here and I have received many complaints from residents who have real concerns about the safety of the users."

The concerns are that Hoggs Hill Lane is now a road where PEDESTRIANS HAVE RIGHT OF WAY. Residents and HGV's constantly drive down there, some even speeding. A local resident wrote to Sefton Council in a plea for help. She attached the original plans from Sefton Council website that clearly show that once the two bungalows were demolished to make the access for the new Bellway estate, that Hoggs Hill Lane was to be pedestrianised with gated control for vehicles.

The resident said in her email to Sefton Council: "There is a new development at Hoggs hill lane in Formby. Two bungalows were demolished and a new road access built via Park Road however, most of the volume of traffic of both residents and construction traffic continue to use Hoggs hill Lane. This narrow lane is shared by walkers, and because it is not properly maintained, this means that pedestrians have to either be knocked over or move into the nettled hedge at the side. This lane appears to have become a rat run to the new estate either to save 5 secs or 100yds of fuel. It is inevitable that sooner or later a pedestrian (dog walker, mother with pram, child cyclist) will be injured. If Hoggs Hill lane is now part of the highway, I would expect it to be properly maintained, signed, traffic calmed (ie sleeping policeman) or if not a public road / byway, to be closed to the appropriate road users. Should anyone be injured on Hoggs hill lane due to the councils negligence I would expect consequences to follow"

The resident has asked: "Would it be possible to let the nearby residents know when Sefton intend to enforce the original proposals for our safety, especially as I understand this site is included in Sefton’s plans for another 40 odd dwellings to be erected by a different builder."

Cllr Maria Bennett is very concerned at this email and went to investigate herself. As you can see in the top photograph of Cllr Bennett with the sign on Hoggs Hill lane, pedestrians do have priority.

As you can see in the photo above, there is a HGV making it's way down Hoggs Hill lane and a school child is walking up with quite clearly no room whatsoever to walk and no safe place for a pedestrian to go when a HGV is coming down there.

Cllr Bennett said: "I have approached the council planning department and enforcement department over this issue and my concern is that until someone is hurt there will be nothing done!"

"This has to be addressed as a matter of urgency before someone is seriously hurt or even killed. In addition to this, we now have the residents of the new houses using this road as a rat run and when asked not to do so, telling other residents they can do what they want!"

Cllr Bennett went on to say: "I would like to say to them that they cannot do what they want and that this is not a public road but is for pedestrians and should anyone get injured then I for one would not only be holding the person who caused the injury responsible but, the council as well, for allowing this situation to continue. This has to be addressed before there is an injury."

The simple message is to all residents, please use the road via Park Road to enter the new estate. Hoggs Hill lane is not a public highway.

What do you think? Are you a resident and use this road instead of Park Road? Tell us your thoughts and we will pass them on.

HGV's regulary use Hoggs Hill Lane

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