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Dear BubbleBook.....


Dear BubbleBook

Wanted to tell you that i think this website is brilliant, particulary the lost and found page. Normally you see photographs pinned up on lamp posts but that wont be needed any more. Well done Formby Bubble


Mr James Doherty




Dear BubbleBook

I can't beleive that everything is free on the Formby Bubble. What an amazing service to the residents of Formby.


Mrs Joan Adder



September 2014


Dear BubbleBook

Walking along Sumner Road the other day and i'm not sure what happened but, I fell over and bumped my head. I was unconsious for a short while but when I came around, quite a few people had come over to help me. The ambulance staff were great but I would like to say a big thankyou to everyone that day for talking to me and keeping me smiling whilst waiting for nearly an hour for the ambulance. I needed a few stitches on my head but I am good as new now. Thankyou to everyone that helped me that day, its nice to know that people do still care.


Mr Jeff Toby




Dear BubbleBook

I dont normally have a moan but, I took my kids for a walk the other day through the Pinewoods and on to the beach but I find it absolutely disgusting the way people let their dogs do their business and they dont pick it up and when they do pick it up they leave those horrible little bags that the kids find fascinating! Pick it up and TAKE IT WITH YOU!!!!


Mrs Jane Brown



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