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Shame on you Arriva driver of No 47. Where is your compassion for a young girl with Cerebral Palsy??

If the man who got off the bus in #Formby and helped my daughter at 4.40 lives in Formby, I’d just like to thankyou as she said you made her feel safe! Although she might not have shown it at the time, she and I were very grateful!

Anybody that knows Chloe knows how long it took us to get her travel trained on buses (by a lovely charity) and is now confident in using them! Yesterday she caught the 47 double decker bus from lord street going to Formby with her friends for her friends birthday, chloe normally sits on the first seat on the bus but being with friends managed it upstairs! They pressed the bell to get off and all her friends managed to run down the stairs, yet because of Chloes cerebral palsy she’s a lot slower and ended up falling down the stairs injuring her elbow and knee!

Her friends were off the bus at this point but a lovely man who was behind her helped her up, chloe was just panicking at this point as the bus closed its doors and was begging the lady driver to please let her off, the man stepped in repeating to the driver that she had just fell and wanted to get off as did he, yet the driver started to drive and chloe was now in a state as does not know formby and being on her own in that situation is traumatising for her!

The driver continued to ignore chloe and the mans pleas and wouldn’t even acknowledge them. The man helped chloe off the bus at the next stop and checked she was ok which I am so grateful for!

She then rang me in a right state, luckily her friends started running to the next stop to get her and although she’s a little bruised and traumatised and has now lost a bit of confidence in buses!

I realise the bus driver might not of known she has learning disabilities and cerebral palsy but even if she didn’t where is the compassion and kindness of the driver! Really disappointed #Arriva! We now have to start again building Chloes confidence!




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