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A statement from Mr Mike McComb regarding slanderous comments on Formby Bubble Facebook page

Mr Mike McComb has sent a statement regarding some personal comments towards him that were made on our Facebook page regarding the gates on St Luke’s Church Road.

Mike McComb said: “I refer to recent comments made on your public Facebook page and in particular the comments of Mr. John Williams, for identification purposes he states that he works at Lookers Garage in Bootle.”

“Mr. Williams made numerous comments and allegations about me during several hours of postings, the article was originally written about the gates on St Luke’s Church Rd,by a local resident, soon the content of the comments led to me, the landowner.”

“The comments made by Mr.Williams were not only untrue and hurtful to both me and my family, they were also libellous ( Libel is related to defamation,generally referring to statements made about someone without just cause and exposing them to public contempt).”

“This is a situation that I will not allow, I will do whatever is necessary to protect my integrity and the honour of my family, I will ensure that you will not get away with your fabrications and lies.”

“The following is intended and directed to Mr. Williams as I do not have his address and his company is under lockdown regulations, all future correspondence will be sent direct.”

“Mr Williams”

“I will focus on a few of your posts as these are the main foundations for the rest of your comments.”

1. “You stated that I attended your place of work to confront you over previous Facebook comments that you had made, you also stated that I mentioned your family and then you sought refuge in your manager. A reader could deduce from your writings that I am an unsavoury character and I threatened you and your family at your workplace.”

“We both know that was not the case, and I, unlike you, have evidence to support my recollection of events, which were:

After reading your ridiculous, insulting and ill informed comments I telephoned your workplace and left a message asking you to contact me, you didn’t bother. After further postings from you I visited your workplace at 8.55 am after I had dropped my kids off at school, I recognised you from your profile picture, you were sat at your desk which is immediately on the right as you enter the showroom were you work.“

“I identified you by asking are you John Williams, you confirmed that you were and asked me to take a seat, I asked you did you know me and you said no, I calmly introduced myself. I asked you why would you post such insulting items about someone that you had never met, I asked would you like for your children to have to read such things about yourself as my children were having to,especially as they were untrue, I explained that it was upsetting to them.”

“At this point your manager requested your attendance into a meeting immediately,(9am) you informed me that if I was still in the showroom when your meeting finished that you would “put me through the showroom window”. I hung around as I had no intention of being intimidated by your statement and I had the opportunity to calmly discuss this situation with your manager and show him your posts, he was disgusted with you after inspecting my evidence, he apologised and assured me that he would deal with the matter. Several of your work colleagues were aware of the situation.

This is the truthful version of the events of that day which is totally different from your version. You are about 20 yrs younger and a lot bigger than I, yet you say that I came to intimidate you, why didn’t you report it as I did ? I have the strongest possible evidence to support my version of events.”

2. “Amongst your comments you have stated that “one of his cronies lives down the road and he’s paid for work to be done he will defend him and do his bidding” This is a serious allegation, it alleges bribery and it is an allegation that I deny in the strongest possible way, once again I consider and I am advised that this is libellous. I haven’t a clue about what you are referring to.”

“I have no wish to comment on your numerous other juvenile comments of which there were many, the above ones are the ones that I consider most serious therefore I expect the following.”

1. “Posted on Formby Bubble either your supporting evidence of your version of events or a complete withdrawal of your accusations and an apology.”

2. “Evidence that supports your allegation of bribery of a resident local to me expecting their support in any matter whatsoever, the name of the person that repeated these allegations to you or the complete withdrawal of your statement and an apology.”

3. “An undertaking that you will only quote any information about my property, my family or myself that you know to be factually correct in the future.”

“You may have until 5pm on 3/3/21 to provide any or all of the above requested items, posted on the Facebook page of Formby Bubble if you are posting an apology be clear and make it unequivocal.”

“If I am not provided with the requested items I will instruct my lawyers, from whom I’ve already taken advice, to carry out the following.”

1. “Request from Lookers CEO details of all members of staff in attendance on the morning in question ( item 1 above) statements will be requested to use in evidence in addition to supporting evidence already obtained.”

2. “Existing postings used as evidence to support libellous proceedings that will be taken against you.”

“Your personal attacks were nothing to do with the road or the gates, they were personal, insulting and as the night went on mostly incoherent.”

“I am proud of my position as a trustee of a leading cancer charity and as such my integrity is paramount, I will not allow you to print drivel and lies for your own gratification without challenging you, full on.“

“Your allegations have no foundation whatsoever, I am at a loss why would anyone would resort to such behaviour, especially towards a stranger.”

“You criticised a commentator for not having the courage to face you, well I did and I will continue to do so if you carry on, using the full force of the law.

You mentioned bullying in your posts, I abhor bullies.”

”Bullies should be confronted and challenged, as I am doing here.”

“You have two options , put up your evidence or withdraw and apologise.”

“I will have no hesitation in taking the strongest possible legal action and claim substantial damages and legal costs from you, any damages awarded will be donated to a local Formby charity, I do not seek financial gain.”

“I have no wish to interfere in your personal life, don’t interfere with mine without proper cause.“

“If you are unsure about any of the above, seek the advice of a solicitor.”

“I trust that I have made my position crystal clear.

Your sincerely

Michael McComb”

Here is a link to the Facebook page where you can see the comments:



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