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Recruit Me USA help students get over to America on a football/soccer scholarship

Sam Laughton has been through the process himself so he is very experienced. He also worked as a coach for a university recruiting players from England for there team.

Sam Laughton and Chris Polden have set up a new company to help students get over to America on a football/soccer scholarship. We have lived in Formby all our lives and would like to make people aware of this as many people do not know this can be done.

Sam Laughton has been through the process himself so he is very experienced. He also worked as a coach for a university recruiting players from England for there team. Not only does this give students the opportunity to progress in further education, it also gives them a chance to progress in the sport they love doing whilst experiencing the American lifestyle. This is a good route into the professional side of the sport as the MLS draft gives young players from universities a great chance at progressing into the game.

Recruit Me USA is committed to providing the best customer service and ensuring that their clients are taken care of from the beginning to end of their college search. We will be available to answer any questions that you have and as quickly as possible.

About Recruit Me USA:

Finding a college that matches your academic and athletic goals can be a daunting task, especially with no prior knowledge to guide you in your search. It is important you achieve your athletic potential by playing at the right level, while making sure your selected college is a good fit academically and financially.

Our team has been through the process themselves and also has experience working on the recruiting side of things as a coach at the college level. With knowledge as a player and coach we have a firm grasp of the process and an insight into how agencies operate and more importantly, how they can improve.

Our goal is to provide the best customer service to ensure a smooth transition into your scholarship in the United States. From video editing and profile creation, to marketing and communication, we will have you covered. Therefore, we have put a team in place that can implement our goals and provide our clients with the skills required.

Meet The Team:


As someone who has been through the process first hand, our Operations Manager Sam is committed to personally overseeing and supporting each recruit in their application process from initial introduction through to the final stages. Sam possesses a bachelor’s degree in business management which he obtained while playing soccer at West Virginia Tech. He was part of a successful team that reached 3 finals in his playing career. Upon completion of his studies, Sam joined the coaching staff at WVU Tech where he aided in the recruitment of future players for the squad. Sam has experience on both sides of the American scholarship system as a player and coach, and this knowledge is key to guiding and advising any future Recruit Me USA clients.


Chris’s professional career has revolved around building and maintaining strong client relationships and delivering the best possible lines of communication with clients. His role at Recruit Me USA is to assess Player Profiles, be mindful of the current market, and explore and apply appropriate and inventive marketing techniques to help fulfill our client’s goals in their recruitment process. Chris prides himself in thinking outside the box and guiding our recruits every step of the way.


With an extensive background in Management & Administration, Simon is a key member of the Recruit me USA team. Much of his time is spent overseeing & ensuring an effective flow of communication in the office as well as managing schedules and deadlines for all administrative documentation.


With a keen eye for detail and the ability to see the bigger picture, Joe has always had a passion for film and cinematography. Joe always enjoyed film making and supplemented this with a degree in Film and Media Studies. Since completing his studies, Joe sought trade working for a local film production office. He found himself working with the likes of Stephen Graham and Cynthia Nixon producing independent film. His role in the company is to make sure you are represented perfectly on film by capturing the intricacies of your skill and abilities and reflecting this in video form.

Our Main Service Includes:

  • Profile Creation

  • Participation in client games with highlights edited and added to profile

  • GPA and grade conversion calculations
- Determination of eligibility at different levels

  • Help registering for SAT test

  • Marketing of profile to US colleges

  • Advice and communication with college coaches


Address: 14 Sefton Road, Formby, L37 2JQ

Tel: 0151 372 5777

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