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A Truly heart wrenching poem.....

A Poem for Remembrance Day.....

“Please wear a poppy”, the old lady said And held one forth, but I shook my head Then I stopped and watched, to see how shed fare Her face was old, and lined with care, Yet beneath the scars, the years had made There remained a smile that refused to fade. A boy came whistling down the street Bounding along on his carefree feet His smile was full of joy and fun “Lady” he said, “can I have one? As she pinned it on I heard him say “Why do we wear the poppy today?” The lady smiled in her wistful way And answered “this is remembrance day” “The poppy is the symbol for the, The gallant men and women who died in the war”. “And because they did we are free, that’s why we wear the poppy you see” “I had a boy about your size, with golden hair and big blue eyes, He loved to play and jump and shout, free as a bird he would race about” As the years went by he learnt and grew, and became a man as you will to”, He was fine and strong with a boyish smile, But he seemed to be with us a such a short while When the War broke out he went away I can still remember his face that day When he smiled at me and said goodbye “I will be back soon, so please don’t cry” But the War went on and he had to stay All I could do was wait and pray His letters told of an awful fight I can see it still in my dreams at night With the tanks and guns and the cruel barb wire And the mines and bullets, the bombs and the fire Until at last the War was won And that is why we wear the poppy son The small boy turned as if to go Then stopped and said “Thank you lady, I’m glad I know” That sure did sound like an awful fight “But your son, did he come home all right”? A tear rolled down each faded cheek, she shook her head But didn’t speak. I slunk away, head bowed in shame, And if you were me, you’d have done the same, For our thanks in giving is often delayed Though our freedom was bought by the legions who paid. And so, when you see a poppy worn Let us reflect on the burden borne By those who gave their precious all When asked to answer their countries call That we at home, in peace may live Then wear a poppy, remember, and give.

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