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Concerned residents want something done about Fly Tipping which is out of control on the New Causewa

Fly-tipping in our Bubble is unsightly with disregard for the community. This pile of rubbish has been dumped on the New Causeway Road.

A concerned resident said: "Its an absolute disgrace! This has been a tipping place for years but nothing as bad as this. It's been like this for a few weeks now."

Fly-tipping is the illegal deposit of waste on land. UK waste comes under controls that impose a duty to ensure that waste is disposed of properly. Only holders of a Waste Management Licence can recover, transport, deposit or dispose of waste.

Waste can be deposited only at officially authorised sites. Anyone fly-tipping waste is committing a serious offence.

Fly-tipping looks unsightly and this can harm investment in an area. Cleaning up fly-tipping costs taxpayers money. Fly-tipping in Sefton cost over £100,000 to sort out last year with over 3,000 incidents across the borough.

Uncontrolled waste disposal can be hazardous to the public, especially when the waste consists of drums of toxic material, asbestos sheeting, syringes or used drugs. There could be a high risk of damage to watercourses and underlying soil quality from the dumped waste.

Sefton Council are warning people to think twice before dumping rubbish. Sefton Council launched a name and shame blitz in an attempt to warn potential offenders against flytipping.

Illegal dumping is also called fly dumping or fly tipping. This involves the process of dumping waste illegally instead of using an authorized method such as kerbside collection or using an unauthorized rubbish dump. Fly tipping is the illegal deposit of any waste onto land; this includes waste dumped or tipped on a site which has no license to accept waste. Please remember that fly tipping is illegal and will be treated very seriously.

The current fixed penalty for fly-tipping is £400, to be paid within 14 days. Please note that the fee is reduced to £240 if paid within 10 days. Failure to pay will result in formal action being taken. The maximum fine is £50,000 or twelve months imprisonment if convicted in a Magistrates Court. The offence can attract an unlimited fine and up to five years imprisonment if convicted in a Crown Court. Sefton Council does not provide a part payment scheme for litter, dog fouling or fly-tipping offences.

Anyone with concerns regarding flytipping, or who wishes to report an offence, they should contact Sefton Council on 0345 140 0845 or report it online HERE

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