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Formby Rotary Club Santa Wagon starts it's rounds on Friday 1st December

Formby Rotary are gearing up for another busy December touring Formby with Father Christmas on his Carol Wagon. The tours start on Friday 1st December and the dates and streets to be covered appear below or on the Bubble website or Formby Rotary Club website

These tours are the Clubs main fundraiser each year. From the monies raised the Club can support various local charities and good causes. Over the years the Carol Wagon has become a local institution often with four generations of a family stood on the pavement waiting excitedly for Father Christmas' arrival!

Once again the Rotary Club would like to thank the people of Formby for their amazing generosity over the years and hope that in this their 50th Anniversary year they can make it a bumper year!

The Rotary Club do try their best to cover all roads but if your road is not on the list, you can take advantage of taking your children to see Father Christmas at Tesco in Formby from 9:45am on Saturday 23rd December.

The dates first and then the roads in alphabetical order are listed below.

Friday 1st December Start At Junction Of Church Road & Cable Street At 6.00 Pm Cable Street Watchyard Lane Deansgate Lane Mounthouse Road Primrose Close Mounthouse Road Longfield Mounthouse Road Watchyard Lane Whitehouse Lane Whitehouse Avenue Whitehouse Lane Kenyons Lane Bull Cop Gardner Road Norris Way Gardner Road Devon Farm Way Gardner Road Mawdsley Close Gardner Road Priesthouse Lane Priesthouse Close Time Permitting Priesthouse Lane Chapelhouse Walk Time Permitting Priesthouse Lane End At Junction Of Priesthouse Lane & Church Road

Sunday 3rd December Start Library In Duke Street At 4.00 Pm Duke Street Dukes Way Duke Street Elbow Lane Cropton Road Three Tuns Lane Cross Green Liverpool Road Coronation Avenue Crown Close Formby Fields The Nurseries Hawthorne Crescent Cheapside Liverpool Road Royal Crescent Ravenmeols Lane The Ravens Ravenmeols Lane Harebell Close Ravenmeols Lane Walkers Close Ravenmeols Lane Kings Road Phillips Lane Dickinson Road Norburn Crescent Liverpool Road Cross Green Church Road York Road Three Tuns Lane Halsall Lane End Junction Halsall Lane And Old Mill Lane

Monday 4th December Start At Junction Of Kirklake Road & Sefton Road At 6.00 Pm Kirklake Road Edenhurst Drive Spruce Way Edenhurst Drive Greenloons Drive Foxhill Close Greenloons Drive Greenloons Walk Greenloons Drive Ashdale Close Greenloons Drive Springfield Close Greenloons Drive Delph Lane Wicks Lane Woodlands Road Grasmere Road Derwent Avenue Coniston Road Woodlands Road Tarn Road Ennerdale Road Rydal Avenue Langdale Avenue Eskdale Drive Ennerdale Road End Junction Of Ennerdale Road & Langdale Avenue

Wednesday 6th December Start At Royal Hotel Liverpool Road At 6.00 Pm Alt Road Monks Drive Alt Road Abbots Way Abbots Close Abbots Way Alt Road Priory Close Alt Road Fountains Way Seafield Ditchfield Beaufort Ditchfield Marshall Say Ditchfield Redgate Friars Walk Redgate Redgate Drive Alt Road Whalley Drive Easby Close Whalley Drive Bolton Close Whalley Drive Alt Road Selby Drive Romsey Avenue Cleve Way Buckfast Drive Battle Way Buckfast Drive Alt Road Cartmel Drive Alt Road Kirkstall Drive Time Permitting Alt Road Tintern Drive Time Permitting End Junction Of Alt Road & Fountains Way

Thursday 7th December Start At Railway Hotel At 6.00 Pm Formby Street Ravenmeols Lane Windsor Road Park Road Park Avenue Windsor Road Balmoral Drive Sandringham Road Hampton Road Balmoral Drive Edinburgh Road Osborne Road Lancaster Road Belvedere Drive Altcar Lane Ashcroft Road Liverpool Road Marina Road Ashcroft Road Kent Road Liverpool Road Birkey Lane End At Junction Of Dickinson Road & Phillips Lane

Sunday 10th December Start At Harrington Road Shops At 4.00 Pm Wicks Green Warren Green Harrington Green Wicks Green Wicks Crescent Wicks Green Larkhill Lane Dunes Drive Gorse Way Squirrel Green Proctor Road Dunes Drive Harrington Road Birch Green Oakfield Drive Barkfield Lane St Peters Avenue Firs Link Firs Crescent Holmwood Drive Barkfield Lane Vicarage Road Barkfield Lane Holmfield Park Time Permitting Barkfield Lane The Evergreens Time Permitting Holmwood Gardens Weld Drive Beech Drive Holmwood Gardens Holmwood Close Holmwood Gardens Harrington Road Harrington Close Time Permitting End At Harrington Road Shops

Monday 11th December Start At The Bay Horse Church Road At 6.00 Pm Church Road Davenham Road Church Road Alderson Crescent Church Road Old Mill Lane Gores Lane Graburn Road Gores Lane Old Town Lane Rosemary Lane Lonsdale Road Rosemary Lane Brows Lane Marsh Brow Time Permitting Granton Close Time Permitting End At Junction Of Freshfield Road & Rosemary Lane

Wednesday 13th December Start At Junction Of Paradise Lane & Heatherways At 6.00 Pm Paradise Lane Kenton Close St Annes Road West Lane Brewery Lane Stanley Road Rimmers Avenue Massams Lane Timms Lane Gores Lane Gregson Avenue Argarmeols Road Victoria Road Grange Lane Gores Lane Piercefield Road Green Lane Wrigleys Lane Canterbury Close Time Permitting Wrigleys Lane Wrigleys Close Time Permitting Wrigleys Lane End At Junction Of Wrigleys Lane & Paradise Lane

Sunday 17th December Start At Junction Of Kirklake Road & Sefton Road At 4.00 pm Ward Avenue Brooks Road Bushbys Lane Bushbys Park Bushbys Lane St Lukes Drive Church Green St Lukes Drive Bushbys Lane Lime Tree Way Beechwood Drive Maple Close Time Permitting Beechwood Drive Aspen Grove Time Permitting Beechwood Drive Ash Grove Time Permitting Beechwood Drive Cedar Drive Time Permitting Beechwood Drive Sycamore Grove Time Permitting Beechwood Drive Chestnut Way Beechwood Drive Elm Drive Beechwood Drive Bushbys Lane Pinewood Avenue Continued Jubilee Road Cambridge Road Stapleton Road Mayfield Avenue Sandurst Close Time Permitting Mayfield Avenue Milford Close Time Permitting Mayfield Avenue Stapleton Road Elsworth Close Stapleton Road Barton Heys Road Eccles Road Carrs Crescent West Elson Road Carrs Crescent Crescent Avenue Andrews Lane Andrews Close Rostron Crescent Andrews Lane Elson Road Foster Road Sealand Avenue Queens Road Andrews Lane Kirklake Road Sefton Road Kirklake Road End At Junction Of Kirklake Road & Sefton Road

Monday 18th December Start At Junction Of Brackenway & Heatherways At 6.00 Pm Brackenway Gorsefield Brackenway Deansgate Lane North Longton Drive Lingdales Turnacre Lingdales Longton Drive Hawksworth Drive Deansgate Lane North Southport Road The Spinney Southport Road Ryeground Lane New Road Church Road Ryeground Lane Paradise Lane Heatherways Heathfield Close Heatherways Spymers Croft Heatherways The Rydinge Brackenway York Close End At Junction Of York Close & Paradise Lane

Santa Wagon in Street order

RED Colour means Time Permitting A

Abbots Close Wed 6th Dec Abbots Way Wed 6th Dec Alderson Crescent Mon 11th Dec Alt Road Wed 6th Dec Altcar Lane Thu 7th Dec Andrews Close Sun 17th Dec Andrews Lane Sun 17th Dec Argarmeols Road Wed 13th Dec Ash Grove Sun 17th Dec Ashcroft Road Thu 7th Dec Ashdale Close Mon 4th Dec Aspen Grove Sun 17th Dec


Balmoral Drive Thu 7th Dec Barkfield Lane Sun 10th Dec Barton Heys Road Sun 17th Dec Battle Way Wed 6th Dec Beaufort Wed 6th Dec Beech Drive Sun 10th Dec Beechwood Drive Sun 17th Dec Belvedere Drive Thu 7th Dec Birch Green Sun 10th Dec Birkey Lane Thu 7th Dec Bolton Close Wed 6th Dec Brackenway Mon 18th Dec Brewery Lane Wed 13th Dec Brooks Road Sun 17th Dec Brows Lane Mon 11th Dec Buckfast Drive Wed 6th Dec Bull Cop Fri 1st Dec Bushbys Lane Sun 17th Dec Bushbys Park Sun 17th Dec


Cable Street Fri 1st Dec Cambridge Road Sun 17th Dec Canterbury Close Wed 13th Dec Carrs Crescent Sun 17th Dec Carrs Crescent West Sun 17th Dec Cartmel Drive Wed 6th Dec Cedar Drive Sun 17th Dec Chapelhouse Walk Fri 1st Dec Cheapside Sun 3rd Dec Chestnut Way Sun 17th Dec Church Green Sun 17th Dec Church Road Sun 3rd Dec Church Road Mon 11th Dec Church Road Mon 18th Dec Cleve Way Wed 6th Dec Coniston Road Mon 4th Dec Coronation Avenue Sun 3rd Dec Crescent Avenue Sun 17th Dec Cropton Road Sun 3rd Dec Cross Green Sun 3rd Dec Crown Close Sun 3rd Dec


Davenham Road Mon 11th Dec Deansgate Lane Fri 1st Dec Deansgate Lane N Mon 18th Dec Delph Lane Mon 4th Dec Derwent Avenue Mon 4th Dec Devon Farm Way Fri 1st Dec Dickinson Road Sun 3rd Dec Ditchfield Wed 6th Dec Duke Street Sun 3rd Dec Dukes Way Sun 3rd Dec Dunes Drive Sun 10th Dec


Easby Close Wed 6th Dec Eccles Road Sun 17th Dec Edenhurst Drive Mon 4th Dec Edinburgh Road Thu 7th Dec Elbow Lane Sun 3rd Dec Elm Drive Sun 17th Dec Elson Road Sun 17th Dec Elsworth Close Sun 17th Dec Ennerdale Road Mon 4th Dec Eskdale Drive Mon 4th Dec


Firs Crescent Sun 10th Dec Firs Link Sun 10th Dec Formby Fields Sun 3rd Dec Formby Street Thu 7th Dec Foster Road Sun 17th Dec Fountains Way Wed 6th Dec Foxhill Close Mon 4th Dec Wed 13th Dec Friars Walk Wed 6th Dec


Gardner Road Fri 1st Dec Gores Lane Mon 11th Dec Gores Lane Wed 13th Dec Gorse Way Sun 10th Dec Gorsefield Mon 18th Dec Graburn Road Mon 11th Dec Grange Lane Wed 13th Dec Granton Close Mon 11th Dec Grasmere Road Mon 4th Dec Green Lane Wed 13th Dec Greenloons Drive Mon 4th Dec Gregson Avenue Wed 13th Dec


Halsall Lane Sun 3rd Dec Hampton Road Thu 7th Dec Harebell Close Sun 3rd Dec Harrington Close Sun 10th Dec Harrington Green Sun 10th Dec Harrington Road Sun 10th Dec Hawksworth Drive Mon 18th Dec Hawthorne Cres. Sun 3rd Dec Heatherways Mon 18th Dec Heatherways Mon 18th Dec Heatherways Mon 18th Dec Heathfield Close Mon 18th Dec Holmfield Park Sun 10th Dec Holmwood Close Sun 10th Dec Holmwood Drive Sun 10th Dec Holmwood Gardens Sun 10th Dec


Jubilee Road Sun 17th Dec


Kent Road Thu 7th Dec Kenton Close Wed 13th Dec Kenyons Lane Fri 1st Dec Kings Road Sun 3rd Dec Kirklake Road Mon 4th Dec Kirklake Road Sun 17th Dec Kirklake Road Sun 17th Dec Kirkstall Drive Wed 6th Dec


Lancaster Road Thu 7th Dec

Langdale Avenue Mon 4th Dec

Larkhill Lane Sun 10th Dec

Lime Tree Way Sun 17th Dec

Lingdales Mon 18th Dec

Lingdales Mon 18th Dec

Liverpool Road Sun 3rd Dec

Liverpool Road Thu 7th Dec

Longfield Fri 1st Dec

Longton Drive Mon 18th Dec

Lonsdale Road Mon 11th Dec M

Maple Close Sun 17th Dec Marina Road Thu 7th Dec Marsh Brow Mon 11th Dec Marshall Say Wed 6th Dec Massams Lane Wed 13th Dec Mawdsley Close Fri 1st Dec Mayfield Avenue Sun 17th Dec Milford Close Sun 17th Dec Monks Drive Wed 6th Dec Mounthouse Road Fri 1st Dec


New Road Mon 18th Dec Norburn Crescent Sun 3rd Dec Norris Way Fri 1st Dec


Oakfield Drive Sun 10th Dec Old Mill Lane Mon 11th Dec Old Town Lane Mon 11th Dec Osborne Road Thu 7th Dec


Paradise Lane Wed 13th Dec Paradise Lane Mon 18th Dec Park Avenue Thu 7th Dec Park Road Thu 7th Dec Phillips Lane Sun 3rd Dec Piercefield Road Wed 13th Dec Pinewood Avenue Sun 17th Dec Priesthouse Close Fri 1st Dec Priesthouse Lane Fri 1st Dec Primrose Close Fri 1st Dec Priory Close Wed 6th Dec Proctor Road Sun 10th Dec


Queens Road Sun 17th Dec


Ravenmeols Lane Sun 3rd Dec Ravenmeols Lane Thu 7th Dec Redgate Wed 6th Dec Redgate Wed 6th Dec Redgate Drive Wed 6th Dec Rimmers Avenue Wed 13th Dec Romsey Avenue Wed 6th Dec Rosemary Lane Mon 11th Dec Rostron Crescent Sun 17th Dec Royal Crescent Sun 3rd Dec Rydal Avenue Mon 4th Dec Ryeground Lane Mon 18th Dec


Sandringham Road Thu 7th Dec Sandurst Close Sun 17th Dec Seafield Wed 6th Dec Sealand Avenue Sun 17th Dec Sefton Road Sun 17th Dec Selby Drive Wed 6th Dec Southport Road Mon 18th Dec Springfield Close Mon 4th Dec Spruce Way Mon 4th Dec Spymers Croft Mon 18th Dec Squirrel Green Sun 10th Dec St Annes Road Wed 13th Dec St Georges Road Mon 11th Dec St Lukes Drive Sun 17th Dec St Peters Avenue Sun 10th Dec Stanley Road Wed 13th Dec Stapleton Road Sun 17th Dec Sycamore Grove Sun 17th Dec


Tarn Road Mon 4th Dec The Evergreens Sun 10th Dec The Nurseries Sun 3rd Dec The Ravens Sun 3rd Dec The Rydinge Mon 18th Dec The Spinney Mon 18th Dec Three Tuns Lane Sun 3rd Dec Timms Lane Wed 13th Dec Tintern Drive Wed 6th Dec Turnacre Mon 18th Dec


Vicarage Road Sun 10th Dec

Victoria Road Wed 13th Dec W

Walkers Close Sun 3rd Dec Ward Avenue Sun 17th Dec Warren Green Sun 10th Dec Watchyard Lane Fri 1st Dec Watchyard Lane Fri 1st Dec Weld Drive Sun 10th Dec West Lane Wed 13th Dec Whalley Drive Wed 6th Dec Whitehouse Avenue Fri 1st Dec Whitehouse Lane Fri 1st Dec Wicks Crescent Sun 10th Dec Wicks Green Sun 10th Dec Wicks Lane Mon 4th Dec Windsor Road Thu 7th Dec Woodlands Road Mon 4th Dec Woodlands Road Mon 4th Dec Wrigleys Close Wed 13th Dec Wrigleys Lane Wed 13th Dec


York Close Mon 18th Dec York Road Sun 3rd Dec

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