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Happy 101st Birthday to Formby resident Grace

Formby resident Grace Pierrepont Pullen celebrated her 101st birthday on Wednesday 27th April. Grace, who is a little bit deaf and blind is certainly sharp in her mind. She reminisces on a very interesting life, having acted as a translater during the war and boasting five languages. Grace even recites quotes from A.A. Milne and Shakesphere.

A member of her family said: "Grace still has all her wits about her, she recites all her poems and sings songs knowing every word. If she can't seep at night, Grace will start singing hymms. She will start from letter A and continue through the alphabet singing a hymm with each letter, normally falling asleep at letter G. Her father was a vicar and Grace used to start the singing off in the Sunday service at church so she remembers all the hymms really well."

Grace has lived in Formby since the 1930's and says she loves the Formby people. Grace is a former member of the Formby Artists Society.

Having had a hip and knee replacement, Grace still has her sence of humour. She also has a special love for tennis player Andy Murray and enjoys watching all sport on the TV as well as Pointless.

Grace says she eats lots of salad onions which she believes are very good for you. Formby Bubble even got a sing song with Grace as she sand 'It's a long way to Tiparary'. Happy 101st Birthday Grace from everyone in Formby.

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