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Native American History comes to Formby

A brand new course on Native American history comes to Formby on Friday 21st April, at the Dove Centre, on Formby Station.

The Course Tutor is David Jones, who said: "This is a remarkable story which was rarely told in the old Western films, which were fed to us all between the 1940’s and 1970’s."

"From the moment Christopher Columbus supposedly discovered the 'New World', to the end of the so-called Indian Wars, some five hundred years later, Native Americans had to fight for their homelands, their cultures and their traditional ways of living."

"This course will tell a truth which has been well hidden. The course will unveil a dark side of American history which has been denied, as the country’s first inhabitants struggled to survive genocidal attacks on their existence. There will be a detailed look at the Cherokee, the Navajo, the Lakota (Sioux) and Cheyenne nations as well as a few others."

David went on to say: "Great Native American leaders like Sitting Bull, Red Cloud and Crazy Horse, will be discussed alongside Presidents such as, Andrew Jackson and Ulysses Grant, famous US military leaders like Sherman, Sheridan and the most famous of them all, George Armstrong Custer."

"The people of Formby are invited to discover Native American origins, cultures, myths, legends and spirituality. Most of all, the course will look at Native American courage and resistance in the face of perpetual wars which they did not want or create."

The lessons will include DVD film and documentaries as well as Course Handouts. No previous knowledge is needed and all newcomers to the subject are welcome as well as those with some existing knowledge.

The Native American experience in Formby 2017 Course details

10 LESSONS on Friday afternoons from 2pm to 4:30pm

The Dove Centre, Formby Station

COST £60

The course starts on Friday 21st April 2017


  • The Origins of Native Americans , their early civilisations and cultures

  • The impact (and legacy) of Christopher Columbus on Native Americans

  • The English and European impact - Puritans, Christians, Colonialists, Invaders & the impact on Native Americans, ‘’God versus Indians? ‘’

  • Life in a Lakota (Sioux) village on the Great Plains, in pre-Reservation times

  • The Sioux ‘’Minnesota Uprising‘’ of 1862 - Revolt against starvation, and the tragic consequences

  • The Indian Removal Act of 1830 & the 'Cherokee Trail of Tears'

  • The Legend of Kit Carson, and the 'Long Walk of the Navajos'

  • The California Gold Rush, 1846-73, an American Genocide of California Indians

  • Red Cloud, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, - Sherman, Sheridan and Custer: the opening of the West and the causes, consequences and facts of The Battle of The Little Big Horn in 1876, the last great battle of the West.

  • The Slaughter of Buffalo, Cultural Meltdown, The Ghost Dance, the killing of Sitting Bull and the Wounded Knee Massacre of 300 Sioux Indians in 1890

For further details please contact course tutor, David Jones on Tel: 0151 287 4587 or Mobile: 07908 675 818 or email to:

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