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The Stemcellscousers were in Waitrose Formby on Saturday fundraising for Anthony Nolan

The Stemcellscousers were in Waitrose Formby on Saturday 10th December fundraising for Anthony Nolan and raised a huge £700.57p and would like to say a VERY SPECIAL thank you to SAM and the Partners of WAITROSE and the very generous residents of Formby for their fantastic support The Stemcellscousers have now raised £12 ,206.00 in the last sixteen months for Anthony Nolan. The Stemcellscousers were founded by Formby resident Kevin Dunne and brother Tony after a family member with LEUKAEMIA had a LIFESAVING Stem Cell Transplant Anthony Nolan conducted a WORLD wide search and against ALL the odds found a Donor in the USA the only person in the world who was a match. And provided the GIFT of LIFE. The brothers held their first fundraising event in ICELAND Formby on 28 th July 2015 That same evening Tony was rushed to A+E after becoming unwell. After various tests including a blood test Tony was told he needed an immediate blood TRANSFUSION and was being transferred to the Leukaemia ward. Over the next few weeks and TWO bone marrow biopsies Tony was diagnosed with SEVERE APLASTIC AMEMIA a very rare blood disorder and needed a Stem CellTransplant. Kevin stepped up straight away along with his 3 other brothers and they were tested to see if any of them was a match for Tony the chance of a SIBLING being a match is only 25%. Only Kevin was a match and incredibly he was a 100% match and despite being the oldest brother of the five ,genetically he and Tony are IDENTICAL like Twins. Tony had the Transplant in October 2015 and is recovering really well If anyone would like to support the LIFESAVING work carried out by Anthony Nolan who match incredible individuals with patients whose only chance of SURVIVING is a Stem Cell Transplant, please TEXT ANKD99£5 to 70070 and if you can please GIFT AID Every year around 2000 people in the UK need a Stem Cell Transplant SADLY only half are lucky to find one, so please sign up to the ANTHONY NOLAN register if you Are aged 16 - 30 or 17 - 55 to DKMS Uk

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