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200 billion daddy-long-legs could hatch this year

According to expects the warm, wet weather we have been experiencing recently is perfect for daddy-long-legs.

If you don't like creepy crawlies then you might not want to read on.

A massive 200 billion crane flies are expected to hatch this year, with most being a species that only grow to an inch long, however many will also be of the larger tipula maxima, which can grow up to four inches long.

While the insects are harmless many people find them annoying as they continuously flap their little wings, so if you want to move them the charity Buglife have this advice, "they are placid creatures, literally incapable of hurting a fly. If you find one, catch it gently, release it outside and wish it well for the rest of its very short life."

These little creatures that only live for a few days, are very important to the environment providing food for various animals and helping to enrich the soil.

So don't be scared, if you find them in your house just let them fly out the window to enjoy their short lives!

Story Source: Radio City

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