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Formby Tree Cutters

Tel: 07715 807951


Formby Tree Cutters cover all types of domestic tree cutting including tree pruning and felling of small trees (up to 20ft) across the Formby area. We are domestic tree cutters and don't charge you a fortune. We remove all the clippings, logs, branches etc.

We also plant trees and hedges. If you are thinking about getting rid of a tree, pruning a tree or planting a tree and can't do it yourself, give us a call, we try and come out the same day and do the job within two days. Give us a call today.

Any trees in your domestic garden, chopped down, thinned or pruned.

If you have any trees that are too big and depriving you of light or taking over your garden, so big they are annoying the neighbours, damaged, infected etc. we can chop them down for you. We will come and either get rid of the tree completely for you by chopping it down, or we can thin the tree out so its not as overpowering or we can just prune it back for you. Whatever you want, we can do it and do it quickly.

Hedges and Shrubs, Pruned
and Removed.

Hedges and shrubs that need pruning or cutting back, we can take care of it for you and then remove all the clippings out of your way, leaving your garden clear.

Hedge and Tree Planting

We don't only cut and prune trees, we also plant trees and hedges. If you want us to plant any trees or hedges for you, its no problem at all, any size tree or hedge.

Formby Tree Cutters

Tel: 07715 807951

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