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How to get to FORMBY BEACH.

Formby Beach can be accessed by walking through the Pinewoods at various points and paths and you will eventually come to the beach. There are dozens of paths, some used a lot more than others so on this page we have marked out the main paths for you and also give you amazing photographs to browse through and enjoy.

Formby Beach

Lifeboat Road, 


L37 1LJ

Lifeboat Road, Formby.

This map shows Lifeboat Road in Formby. This is a big car parking area with many different walks to the beach. There is seasonal parking charges which are quite extravagant considering there are no toilet facilities but the walks to the beach are very desireable.

Lifeboat Road, Formby.

Photo Gallery at Lifeboat Road, click to expand the photos.

On this map if you look for the Train Stations at Formby and Freshfield, you can see that in both cases, it is a straight road all the way through to the beach. The road from Freshfield station takes you through the Squirrel Reserve and you do have to pay if you are in a vehicle, but, free if you walk in. I would advise that you keep to these main paths if you do not know the area because it is so vast, you may easily get lost. This map also points out where you may get a glimpse of the lifeboat station and prehistoric footprints. There are many picnic areas to sit down and enjoy the many wonders of the nature reserve.

Enjoy your day and look out for Red Squirrels of which you will hopefully see many.


National Trust Nature Reserve, Formby.

This map shows you where the National Trust Squirrel Reserve is. This is a beautiful part of Formby that has many thousands of visitors every year because of the very rare Red squirrels. There are lovely picnic areas, walks and paths to the beach for you to enjoy. There are toilet facilities. Here is a link to the National Trust website.


Here you will find a wealth of information about the reserve.

National Trust, Formby.

Photo Gallery at the squirrel reserve, click to expand the photos.

You can see here the two major roads to walk or drive down as the most direct routes to get to our beautiful beach. Plenty of parking at both points but please remeber that you will have to pay if you are in a vehicle.

There are no toilet facilities at Lifeboat Road.

This map shows the main routes from Blackpool, Warrington and the Wirral

to Formby.


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