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French and Spanish tuition by Lisa Boyd from Primary through to adulthood.

Contact me on: Tel: 07525 214 404

French and Spanish Tuition delivered at a place and a pace that suits you, (from Primary through adulthood).
My classes are custom designed to meet my student’s personal goals, needs and best learning strategies. Many of my students take lessons for personal enjoyment or sentimental reasons. Some come to master basic conversational French and Spanish skills that will enhance their visits to France or Spain, while others just need to succeed at their exams. Whether it is for pleasure, business or studies I can provide tuitions at all levels.
Primary and Secondary French and Spanish

Packed with interesting, fun activities and resources to motivate children, this tuition at primary level is ideal for those already learning French at school and those children eager to benefit from learning another language.

Exam Preps.....

Ideal for GCSE or A-level students. Familiar with the exams of the different examination boards, as well as astute at identifying students’ weaknesses, I have a very good track record of getting my students to grade A-A* at their exams.

Business French and Spanish.....

Experience of teaching at corporate level with varied clientele such as enginieers, writers, musicians, travel agents. This is ideal for anyone wanting practice and knowledge of business and cultures in France and Spain. The lessons are tailored to give the most benefits to clients and varied according to the needs of their particular fields. The content of your course will depend on your level, your objectives and requirements and the sector in which you work.

French or Spanish Grammar
Writing and Conversation.....

• Writing skills

• Grammar

• Vocabulary

• Critical Reading

Ideal to prepare for speaking exams and for Business French or Spanish. It helps clients gain confidence in speaking the language by learning specific topics that are suitable for them.

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French and Spanish tuition by Lisa Boyd from Primary through to adulthood.

Contact me on: Tel: 07525 214 404

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