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Sexual assault and robbery of local 65 year old man in Formby Village

A local 65 year old man was sexually assaulted and had his new valuable and rare Rolex Submariner watch stolen from him early last Friday evening, 2nd July, at about 7:45 pm in Chapel Lane Formby.

The man wishes to remain anonymous at this time but wants to make local people aware of the incident so that hopefully it will not happen to anybody else.

The man was sat alone in his stationary car on Chapel Lane with his shopping bag on the passenger seat when totally unexpectedly his front passenger door opened and a foreign woman, possibly Turkish moved the shopping bag into the passenger foot well and then proceeded to sit on the front passenger seat alongside him.

She then pretended to know the man saying “Hi, do you remember me from work a couple of years ago?” She also asked him how he was doing. The man was most shocked and surprised, insisting that he did not know her and telling her that it must be a case of mistaken identity and politely asked her to please get out of his car. This did not faze the woman at all and she continued chatting to him making sexual advances and suggestions and then she started fondling the man initially around his arms and his bare legs. The woman then became more and more provocative exposing her breasts to the man and grabbing him in his groin area. During all this time the man was insistent that she stop what she was doing and to get out of the car immediately but she kept refusing and wouldn’t leave.

After about 10 minutes the woman eventually left the car and within seconds the man suddenly realised that she had stolen his watch from his wrist.

With this the man jumped out of his car and chased the woman up Chapel Lane and eventually grabbed her in a headlock and started to wrestle with her in order to get his watch back whilst shouting for help from any people within the vicinity. Thankfully the woman eventually dropped the watch onto the pavement and at the same time a car turned up with two foreign looking men, who were obviously assisting her with the robbery.

A local taxi stopped at the scene and the driver and a passenger were good enough to jump out to see what was going on and assisted the victim with there presence.

The whole incident has been very traumatic for the man who had just been out shopping with his wife at the local supermarket and unfortunately he did not have his mobile phone with him.

The police have been informed and are checking CCTV in the village and have stated that it was a sexual assault and robbery along with a few other offences, and that the outcome could have been a lot worse. The make, model and registration number of the car were noted and have been passed on to the police for further investigations and are currently being looked at to identify the perpetrators.

This is obviously a very professional gang and they know exactly what they are doing and what they are looking to steal so please take care to lock your car whilst you are sat in there stationary, whether you are male or female so that nobody can just open the door of your car and to get in uninvited. If you have experienced anything like this at all or if anything happens in similar circumstances please call the police immediately or if you witnessed any of this incident please contact the police on 101.



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